A Day Late And A Shilling Short

Session 1 (01/04/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total x 1 1 1 x
Experience Total x 1 1 1 x

The cast of characters
Most of this session was making the characters. We used the random character creation from the books where the players rolled to see what race they could/had to play (not explained well in the rules) then drew 3 career cards until they got three legal ones for their race. Kudos to the players for bypassing things like Soldier and Mercenary for other careers like Barber-Surgeon and Gambler. The character's were introduced in Diamond Lake (from The Harbinger of Night campaign) at the Feral Dog. They took a liking to Kullen, did some gambling, had a brawl and finally met Rutger, a roadwarden, who asked them to accompany him to check on an overdue carriage.

Session 2 (01/11/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 x 1 1 x
Experience Total 1 1 2 2 x

The cast of characters
Duece absent (assumed to be dead drunk/hungover) and Dane joins the party on the road, eager for adventure. This was the A Day Late, A Shilling Short adventure from FFG, a demo scenario they released to introduce the game mechanics. Birgitta, a fiery red-haired roadwarden was substituted for Rutger in the module, with Rutger (their initial contact) being overwhelmed and nearly slain in the first charge. The party defeat the beastmen and the wargor leader (Marina was missed by the wargor's charge and received a counter-attack due to a chaos star it rolled and killed it), talk the merchant, Klaus von Rothstein, into allowing them to take the mysterious package (marked with a High Elven rune), and return the merchant and the carriage to Diamond Lake without beating him as he deserves.

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