A Dread Star

Adventure One: The Test

Act I: Goblin Mines

Session One 01/23/15

Characters Daedric
Starting Advances 7
Ending Advances 7

The cast of characters


It has been a year since the events of Andra's Crossing for the young knight. In that time he has consolidated his holding, repairing and garrisoning it. The sword, Spirit, has awoken in him a holy fire as well. Agustan, who has been released from his psychiatric care, has come to repair and inventory the keep's library. Hertiger, the lone survivng adventurer from the ravaging of Andra's Crossing, whose life young Deadric had saved, has also come to the keep and sworn his life and service to the lad.

A few months into the repairs, Mirranda, the seneshal of Elias manor on the Endless Road tracks Deadric down. Her family dead and the enmity of the other survivors in Tranquility has caused her to seek him out. Without much fanfare, she takes over the day to day operations of the keep and its kitchens and finances.

Day 1: The Goblin Mines

Hertiger comes to Deadric with news from the gate guards that a lone goblin seems to be spying on them from the road. Deadric discovers it is Trinkesti when he investigates. She seems angry that he has hired kobolds to work the old abandoned mine without even talking to the goblins about it. She is even angrier that he cannot control his lands when he admits he knows nothing of a mine or kobolds.

She leads him to an old mine and he heads in alone to investigate. A tiny lizard he steps on before he reaches the mine bites at him, but he scoops it up and delivers it to Trinkesti as a bonus snack for watching his horse (CR 1/6). Inside the cave, he lights the lantern given to him by Mirranda and is soon after attacked by a lone crazed bat, which he dispatches with ease (CR 1/8). Further in a kobold attempts to ambush him, and does manages to catch the lad flat-footed, shattering his lantern and dousing the light and the lad in oil. The young knight makes quick work of the small reptilian after remembering his new found powers as an Inquisitor of the Light (CR 1/4).

Pressing on, he is hit by arrows being fired out of the darkness from beyond his light range. He advances quickly forward, barely spotting the covered pit trap. More arrows pepper him from beyond the pit and he leaps it easily. This kobold seems better armed and armored, as well as more skilled, than the last, but is too, soon dispatched (CR 1).

Forging ahead, he spots a crevasse ahead of him at the same time he is assaulted by three more of the skilled kobolds (CR 4) from the far side of the crack. Attempting to jump the crevasse fails miserably and the lad slams into the far side wall and tumbles to the bottom, 15' below. He attempts to play dead, and does so convincingly enough that the kobolds are certain he is dead. One clambers down clumsily, while the other two go for rope.

As the kobold near him picks up his sword and checks him for loot, Deadric lashes out and grabs the kobold in a strangling choke-hold and proceeds to break his neck. The other two kobolds have returned about this time and attempt to shoot the lad. Neither shot is finishing, though the boy's injuries are beginning to tell on him. In a flash he climbs to the top and assaults the kobolds.

Session Two 06/11/15

Characters Daedric
Starting Advances 7
Ending Advances

The cast of characters

Deadric is surprised that the kobolds have returned with over double their number however, yet still manages to cut down each and every one. Continuing into the cavern system he hears the sound of a lone pick ahead, ringing against the stone. The sound stops however, and when Deadric turns the corner, no one is there, just gear and a campsite. To his further surprise, an ogre sized dwarf materializes after firing a bolt from its oversized crossbow, which glances off the lad's armor. The dwarf seems put out that the lad has killed its minions, but is silenced by Spirit with a single charge.

Searching the corpse and camp, Daedric finds foreign coins bearing the stamp of the Gorgon! He plants the dueger's head on a pike and retreats from the cavern. Trinkesti is still happily munching on the lizard when he arrives and the pair return to the keep. She seems disappointed that he has no plans to reopen the mines, but does get the lad to agree to pay her tribe half a goat, a keg of mead, and four-dozen chickens a month to maintain patrols over the countryside and report activity to his keep.

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