"Like, whatever - as if"


Alexis grew up under the care of her foster parents in the Kingdom of Valon, one of the Seven Kingdoms of Anuire. She was told that her mother had died in child birth and her real father fallen bravely in battle. Her foster parents were older, more like grandparents, and doted on the young girl. They did make sure she knew the use of the sword and how to defend, and take care of, herself, but magic was always her true calling. The beauty of the arcane flows and the intricate weave of spells always drew her in. Her training in the arts was through private tutoring, though she yearned to recieve instruction at one of the great schools of magic.

Her family kept her isolated and, while they didn't live richly, they never wanted for anything even though neither of her foster parents seemed to have full-time employment. Her life changed when the Theren slavers came for her. What they were doing so far inland and why they targeted her specifically were mysteries she had no time to fathom when her safe world came crashing down. Her mother and father gave their lives so she could escape. Before he died, her father gave her a bejeweled and obviously magical sword hilt, a ring, a necklace and a tiara, all of a set, made of gold with flashing rubies. He told her they were her legacy and that they were the key to reclaiming her birthright in Ista. But anything more he had to say was cut short by the Therans and she was forced to flee.

On the run she evaded capture for some time, falling in with a group of adventurers. But the Therens were relentless and finally she was taken, deep inland, and brought to the coast where she was transfered to a ship. Attacked by pirates, the ship was sunk and Alexis changed captors.

This seemed to happen with alarming regularity, as ship after ship, and captor after captor met unexpected and tragic ends and Alexis moved continuously eastward into the Sea of Tears region. Sometimes she would be free, others a prisoner, but always she ended up futher eastwards and still the Therens dogged her steps. Each time, her magic items also seemed to follow her and travel with her, though often seperately or by circuitious routes that would boggle the mind in the belief of serendipity.

This cycle ended when Viggo, Simeon, Thumbar and the other adventurers of their crew decided to rid Ista of its curse and take her with them. In Ista it was learned that she is the granddaughter of the Queen and sole heir to the throne.

Alexis also learned the story of her parents in the Cave of Souls. Fifty years ago her mother, then a young girl, was spirited out of Ista before the tragedy by a young guardsman, a man servant, and one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting. They fled to Anuire and protected the young girl as she grew up but they were constantly on the run and had to move often. Soon the young guard, now less young, and the young girl, now a young woman, fell in love and Alexis was born. Soon after her parents sacrificed themselves against their Theren pursuers in an attempt to end the pursuit while the man servant and lady-in-waiting spirited the infant Alexis to safety.

Their plan worked for almost 20 years while Alexis grew up under the care of the man servant and lady-in-waiting, but somehow the Therens tracked her down and began the sequence of events that lead her to freeing Ista of its curse and re-taking the throne as the Dragon Queen of Ista.

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