Ali Al Lazan

"Come to Uncle Ali, little doggy. He doesn't want to hurt you…just BURN you!"


Ali al-Lizan is a high level member of The Flame Brotherhood, a secret society of Flame Mages who desire control of Zakhara and its magics. He is a misogynistic pyromaniac who suffers from delusions and paranoia.

Ander, Tymerian, and Aeluin first encountered him in Muluk, City of Kings, where he was plotting to bomb the Sultana's palace with Liquid Star, a napalm-like substance, during the Sultana's daughter's birthday celebration. The intervention of the party thwarted his plans, but he managed to escape.

Later, the party recieved death-threats from Ali, but these were plants; part of an elaborate scheme set in motion by Ali's superior in The Flame Brotherhood, Jamal al-Yindannim, who wished for the party to kill Ali, who was becoming increasingly unstable and high profile. The party did in fact manage to kill Ali, but only avoided the second part of Jamal's plan to eliminate them afterwards due to the intervention of Azaltan.

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