An Eye For An Eye

Session 3 (00/00/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 1 1 1 x
Experience Total 2 2 3 3 x

The cast of characters
Three of the four party members are near death with many criticals, as are Rutger and Birgitta. They heal up at the Able Carter Coaching inn (who help sponser the roadwardens). Even after some magic, and first aid from the dwarf barber, both Birgitta and Rutger are too wounded to take the package to the rendevous and the party is asked to deliver it to a very specific location in nearby town at a very specific time. They agree. As an aside, we like the wound card mechanic and the criticals, though after days of healing, high severity criticals looked to be nigh impossible to get rid of.

The party hoofs it along the road and arrive at the town. Along the way, Marinna has shown her skill and willingness to gamble, though all low stakes games. They take up rooms at a couple different inns, as their means permit. At the Red Moon Inn, a dismal but cheap place, they are approached by an individual, Vern Hendrick, who thinks they are answering his ads for troubleshooters.

Session 4 (00/00/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 1 1 1 x
Experience Total 3 3 4 4 x

The cast of characters

Vern hires them to travel with him and a wagon of luggage to a Lord Auffenshaffenburg's manor to investigate strange goings on under the pretense of being guards/movers for the luggage. They see he is wounded; he claims it is a festering wound (at which they shudder in meta-gaming understanding, knowing that such wounds, if not healed rapidly, become nigh unhealable) taken in a beastman attack a few days ago at the manor, so there could be additional trouble from that, but it seems unlikely. He wishes to leave early in the morning, to arrive before dark, but the party insists on postponing leaving until they can deliver the package at the proper time and place (just before noon). After some investigation, and paranoia about being follwed/watched, they find that the location for the drop was the back entrance of an elven embassy.

Leaving for the manor late causes them to arrive after dark at the manor, a hunting lodge, far off the beaten track. As they approach the gates, beastmen leap from hiding to attack them, attempting to drive them towards the manor walls and gatehouse, where they hope the guards will open the gates for the party, allowing them to gain access to the hunting lodge. The party, familiar with beastmen, slaughter the scouts, but decide discretion is in order when a large force camped in the woods, and alerted by their scouts, attempts to make the gate. About here I realized that we had not been using Toughness as part of base soak (making combats up to this point really lethal affairs) and from here on we started doing that which has made combats much more survivable.

Duece closes the gates in the faces of the beastmen, who skulk off, already having lost too many on the walls in their prior assault a week ago. The party is immediately struck by the lackadasical attitude of several of the servants and guards of the manor, even as they meet Lord Auffenshaffenberg, who is a large bear of a man. With no other servants offering to help, the party collects the luggage from the wagon and brings it to the Lord's room, upstairs. They catch a momentary glimpse of a strange figure staring down from the second floor windows as they cross the courtyard. He is tall and skinny with a bandage over his head and right eye. He snaps the curtains closed when he realizes they see him.

Session 5 (00/00/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 1 1 1 x
Experience Total 4 4 5 5 x

The cast of characters
In the Lord's room he explains the history of the lodge and his recent arrival here. He mentions his fears that something sinister is afoot, with many of the staff just a little off. He hopes that the party can start asking around and get the bottom of it. In the meantime, they are tired and it is late, so they head off to rooms supplied them. Auffenshaffenberg tells them a feast will be held tomorrow evening and they are invited. He suggests they try the venison.

In the morning the party begin their investigations. Their initial assessment that most of the staff are high holds true, as many are glassy-eyed and not all there. Olaf checks out the outer courtyard, especially the kennels and the smithy. He finds the smithy abandoned, the fires cold. He sees several arms and armor piled up there in need of repair. The hound master, Olver Gand, an ex-soldier, is friendly enough, but Olaf discovers the relatively fresh corpse of a beastman in a closet, skinned and dressed. He makes his excuses and flees, putting Gand at the top of his list of people under suspicion, both for his not being stoned and the corpse.

Dane also investigates the outer courtyard, finding an overgrown and unused shrine to Sigmar. Deciding to clean the shrine, he happens on a magnificent dwarven hammer that has been hidden in plain sight as part of a mural.

Deuce wanders about, oblivious to most of the goings on, though the cook unnerves him.

Marina, using her eavesdropping skills, is able to gather a large amount of information as she skulks about the main house. At one point she finds a crumpled piece of paper dropped by one of three servants she was speaking to. It simply says, "Goose is good".

They find a hospice upstairs near the servant quarters, in a re-purposed storeroom, where a sharp-tongued doctor and a blind sister of sigmar are tending the wounded from the beastman attack of last week. Two guards lie wounded and drugged, while an idiot gardener, only lightly wounded at most, hangs around shirking his duties. The gardener sets the PC-alarms off as suspicious and he jumps to the number one suspect as mastermind behind what is going on at the manor, whatever it may be. A dwarf, the blacksmith, Korden Kurgansson is also here, wasting away both mentally and physically. He is incoherent and shouts out odd snippets of dire omen mixed with dwarven nursery rhymes. His condition is deteriorating quickly, and the sister stays at his side almost constantly. tending to his final days, while the doctor attempts to medicate him.

As well, a couple of the party see an extremely disturbing painting, which is being moved by the staff.

Later, in their quarters, the party trade stories and attempt to come up with an explanation of the goings on, but they are interupted by the call to dinner.

Session 6 (00/00/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 1 1 1 x
Experience Total 5 5 6 6 x

The cast of characters

Dinner is a magnificent affair, with the party seated all around the table, mixed with the important staff and the coachman who drove them here. They have come with various arms and armor, as their natures demand, though most are not dressed for war. Gregor, the steward, oversees the 6 servants of the manor as they serve a massive 3 course meal. At the table are the lord, his man Hendrick, the coachman, Olver Gand, the doctor, the librarian, the idiot gardener, the captain of the guards, and the party. Topics of conversation wander all about as the party attempts to probe the other feasters for clues. The main course is served, both goose and venison. At Marina's suggestion, most of the party choose the goose, but both dwarves ignore her warnings, eating both to excess. The doctor and librarian take only goose as well, with everyone else having at least some venison on their plates. As they all begin to eat, the dogs in the kennels begin howling and making a racket, to which Olver makes his excuses and leaves to calm them. Marina notes that one of the guardsman, Pieter, takes a tray of food from one of the servants out to the gatehouse for the guards.

By the time dessert is served, those that ate the venison, except the trollslayer, Duece, whose epic toughness allows him to shake off the effects, feel drowsy with most of the NPCs practically passing out. The Lord makes his goodnights and heads up stairs, practically carrying Vern. Soon only the party, the doctor, and the librarian are left at the table. Olaf, Duece, and Marina take their leave, with Dane left alone at the table. He tries to leave as well, but he is talked into staying and having more conversation over brandy. Both the doctor and librarian seem to be laughing at him and almost taunting him with their heretical speech, but laugh it off as only sophisticated talk when Dane calls them on it.

Duece wanders down towards the kitchens, where the cook totally freaks him out, as she is mumbling crazy talk as she cuts up god-knows-what and puts it in the stewpot. He then heads up the back stairs towards the doctor's room, thinking to have a look inside.

Olaf, drugged as he is, heads up to the hospice to try to talk to Korden and the sister again. He ends up helping Duece in the doctor's room, but they find nothing they can use. And so they both head outdoors, though at slightly different times.

Marina, meanwhile, had headed out to the gatehouse to see if her suspicions about which meat Pieter brought out are correct. Unsuprisingly, she is correct that it was all venison, and all the guards and the captain are sound asleep. Suprisingly, Pieter closes and locks the door behind her, trapping her in the gatehouse and advancing on her with an evil gleam in his eye. Marina attempts to fight him off, but she is rapidly overpowered by his pimp-hand, and finds herself bent over a chair in a most unladylike fashion, blouse torn, and soon to suffer a fate-worse-than-death.

Meanwhile Olaf had strolled outside to check on Olver and his hounds, but he notices figures climbing over the wall behind the manor. Beastmen! He runs back towards the manor gate and Duece, who was admiring the stars, yelling a warning at the top of his lungs.

Session 7 (00/00/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 2 2 2 2 x
Experience Total 7 7 8 8 x

The cast of characters
Olaf's yelling alerts Dane, who rushes outside, and finds himself locked out of the manor house by Gregor and the doctor. Inside the house, the cult begin their dire ritual to summon the demon bound into the painting. In the gatehouse, Pieter is distracted from his nefarious deed by the sounds of alarm and opens the gatehouse door to see what is going on. He is immediatly killed by another group of beastmen who have climbed the wall from the other side in an attempt to take and open the gate. The party manages to hold the gate but to little avail as the wargor, driven into a fury by the impending demon summoning going on in the manor, smashes the gate with an epic blow.

Meanwhile, the cultists have dragged Todd, one of the two non-cult servants, into the secret basement ritual room where, after some chanting, they slice his throat, spraying the painting in blood. They then ascend the chimmny to the roof where they again begin chanting around the painting as it soaks in the moonlight. In the meantime, the drugged household attempts to rally against the imminent threat of the beastmen. The party is aided in the defense by Lord Auffenshaffenburg (who arrives late, as his man Hendrick insisted he armor up), the guard captain and his guards. Key to the defense however is the undrugged Gand, whose dogs, trained to crave beastman meat, turn the tide for the beleagured defenders.

The beastmen defeated, Lord Auffenshaffenburg is put out that the manor has been sealed against even him. Everyone can see the cultists on the roof but are unsure what they are up to. The party strongly suspects it is some kind of unpleasant ritual and attempt to climb to the roof and take the fight to them. It is a bloody and viscious battle on the precarious roof, and several people slip and fall from the roof. The party is unable to stop the demon from bursting forth from the bubbling painting and finally they must face Pierson and the demon together. They make short work of the duo.

In the confusion of the beastman attack and the ritual, one of the stablehands, a cultist who fell from the roof, manages to slip out the shattered gate and make the woods. The party, beaten and wounded decide tracking him in the dark is too much and they let him escape, but otherwise they stand victorious against Chaos.

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