His mother claimed it was her husband, home early from the raids, but after their night of passion it was another month before he returned home. Ander was born under a full lunar eclipse; wolves set up a mournful howling at his arrival in this world. From his earliest days he has been called Ander Jarlicson: Ander, son of Jarlic, the wolf.

Fated to Slay the Dark with Love's Bane, the young man still has the heart of a hero and a soul undarkened by his role. But his Lesson may be all the more painful for it.

He travels with Britta, his true love, and seeks a cure for the curse that was placed on her by The Black Priest, a wyrmskull horror, that has afflicted her, trapping her in wolf form.

Ander Jarlicson, The Dark Slayer

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