Ardasir Al Dalah

"The Incomparable"


Ardasir is a Janni sheik of the Haunted Lands. In a magic-induced vision he learned that he would be the one to re-unite the Jannti of the Haunted Lands since the disappearance of their leader when he sat on the Peacock Throne, a fabled magic item of the city of Moradask. In another magic-induced vision he was able to divine that he would require the aid of a fiery-haired ajami to recover the rest of the pieces of the throne (he having one part in his possession already).

So, poorly, disguised as a wandering ogre mercenary he sought out this ajami, finally finding Ander in the city of Muluk. Learning that the boy was planning on entering the Haunted Lands to recover the Eleven Baneful Gates he offered his help in navigating the dry and treacherous lands in return for the boy's help on his quest (which, as Fate would have it, lay in the same general direction).

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