"I wanna hear you scream!"

Name: Auchs
Race: Human
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8
Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d10, Perception d8+2
Pace: 8, Parry: 7, Toughness: 8(1), Charisma: 0
Gear: Mace d10 (Str+d6), Unarmed Strike d10 (Str), Leather Armor (+1)
Special Abilities:
• Custom Major Hindrance (Sadistic Bully)
•Illiterate: Cannot read, write, or do math
•Loyal: Will never leave a man behind
•Alertness: Very perceptive; +2 Notice
•Brave: +2 to Fear tests
•Brawny: +1 Tough; Load limit is 8 times Str
•Fleet-Footed: +2 Pace; Roll d10 when running
•Trademark Weapon: +1 attack with one unique weapon

===== Basic Details =====
Description: A lumbering lummox; simple-minded in everything but cruelty. He loves the sound of others sobbing and screaming.

===== Tactics =====
Tactics - During Combat: Roars and swings his "club" in two hands
Tactics - Morale: Fights to the death if his "buddy" is present, else if brought to less then 2 wounds he grovels for mercy. If granted he becomes the loyal companion of his "savior", but his natural tendency to cruelty may cause future troubles.

===== Additional Details =====
Gear: Potion of Cure Moderate Wound (+4 Vigor) (2); Potion of Lesser Restoration (1); Knight & Dragon Toys worth 45sp; Stag Lord Amulet

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