Blackwall Keep

Adventure Three

Act I: The Assault

Session Twenty Three 06/10/11

EXP Awards Hasan Kesa Talent Theena
Session Total 1376 1376 1376 1376
Total 23248 28960 29315 27968

Cast of characters

Oct 1 - Fall has come since the destruction of the Ebon Aspect. Melinde has shielded the party from most of the backlash from the exposure of the cult of Vecna hiding within the church of Light. Talent has rebuilt his house even larger and more grandiose. He and Kesa continue their new relationship. Theena spends most of her time with Bough, her willow tree-folk surrogate father while her burrow is enlarge by friendly badgers. Hassan settles into Talent's house, avoiding the whole heir issue in his own house. He spends much of his time learning to ride the magnificent stallion he was able to purchase.

Over dinner one night, Allustan asks the party to escort him to the nearby Blackwell Keep as the roads can be dangerous. He wishes to speak to a collegue of his who is very knowledable about the Wind Dukes and the Cairn Hills.

The first day of travel passes uneventfully. Allustan tells the party of an abandoned farmhouse along the route he thinks they should beddown in. The party is grateful as they are saddlesore and stiff, being unaccustomed to riding. Another traveller has beaten them to the farmhouse, Christen, a rancher from nearby Wistenair. As introductions and dinner are made, the party notices signs that combat has recently taken place in the house, with arrows in the walls cut down to the plaster, a broken cellar door, cuts in the doorframes, and drag marks on the floor. Investigating the party finds lime-covered bodies in the cellar and signs that the attack(s) were made by goblin raiders.

The party determines to keep watch, and around midnight, while Hassan steps out of the building to check the horses, they spring their ambush. Almost two dozen goblins assault them, along with Grundle, their ogre pet. While at first seeming to have the upper hand, especially with Allustan's miscast fireball spell going off in the farmhouse and knocking down Christen, it is a simple dancing lights spell by Theena that rapidly throws the goblins into disarray, blinding many of them and forcing them to avoid the puddles of light.

The tides turned, the party makes short work of the survivers, killing or driving them off. Grundle, the ogre, is left catatonic, his mind shattered from Theena's painful blows and Talent's flashing swordplay. They mercifully put the maddog ogre down. Christen is brought around by Hassan's skillful medical care.

The next day the party pushes on to Blackwell Keep, Christen continuing on his way to High Eyr. But as they approach the keep, even the most oblivious amoung them realize that something is wrong. An increase in the number of flies and the smell of smoke and carnage fill the air. Cautiously approaching from cover of a nearby ridge they spy the keep under siege by lizardfolk!

Session Twenty Four 06/24/11

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The party falls back and makes a camp a little ways off, then scouts the situation more thouroghly. They decide to try and hit & run the camp, trying to draw out some of the attackers. While they are making plans, the lizards began another assault on the keep, with 4 groups, keeping two in reserve. The party attempts to skirt the siege and attack one of the reserve groups, but they are spotted by the leader of the lizards who draws off two groups from the siege to intercept them.

Theena calls on her power over nature and entangles a good many of the lizards, while the rest lay into the few who pull free. The lizards turn out to be quite tough, and manage to overpower most of the party, and attempt to carry them off. A heroic effort by the party turns the tides and those overpowered are rescued.

Almost immediately after the last lizardman falls, lightning strokes began to flash around the party, unnerving them. They cannot determine the source of this magic and more lizards are approaching so they retreat. The lizards make sure they leave the field of battle but do not pursue. The lizards withdraw from their siege and pull back into the marsh to regroup.

During this lull, the party approaches the keep and are given entrance.

Session Twenty Five 11/09/16

EXP Awards Kesa Talent Theena Thurmek
Session Award NPC 250 500 500
RP Awards 0 0 0 0

Cast of characters
We picked up the adventure in 5e. I was surprised some players were willing to re-make their characters and when I found they were willing, I was happy to run again. Just two players actually made the first night of play however.

Thurmek, a dwarven warrior from a fallen warren of Baruk-azik who has wandered as a mercenary since its fall, now part of a relief contingent coming to resupply Blackwall Keep, is the only survivor of a lizardman ambush along the road able to make the keep. He finds it under siege and attempts to stealth in. He is spotted, but is able to scramble up the slope and into the keep before the lizardmen can overtake him.

The surviving 11 able-bodied and 7 injured soldiers accept his brash leadership, their commander having fallen in the first attack that dawn. After some discussion, it is decided to hold out until the relief force from Diamond Lake can arrive in 3 to 6 days. That night a large force of lizardmen attack after midnight. Talent is unconscious from poison suffered in their initial entrance (not present) and Kesa is busy tending the wounded (not playing), so it is left to Theena and Thurmek to hold the walls and repel the attack.

Under cover of darkness, the lizardmen are able to close to javelin range without taking heavy bow fire of their own. Several try to make the wall, while others attempt to get past the damaged door. It is a long and bloody combat, and for a moment it seems the lizardmen have the upper hand. Their leader orders the reserves forward to storm the breach but the tides turn before their arrival and a retreat is sounded as Thurmek stands like an immovable stone on the walls. Theena is worn, almost spent, from the lizardmen's attacks but more than held her own, but she did not enjoy the buffeting and terror of the defense. She vows to never again fight atop castle walls.

Act II: The Rescue

Session Twenty Six 11/11/16

EXP Awards Kesa Talent Theena Thurmek
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Cast of characters
Wounds are treated and a rest is taken. Talent has also recovered. It is decided (after much discussion) that the party will take this opportunity to strike at one of the more isolated camps while the lizardmen are licking their wounds. They take a couple of bowmen with them as well. They are seen approaching the camp and the other camps are alerted, but only the closest camp can respond in time. The party fights almost a dozen lizardmen, including the black scaled war-leader (a maximum hitpoint, slightly stronger specimen) and the shaman (who almost does for Thurmek in his plate armor with heat metal). When the war-leader dies, strange worms burrow out of him, but seem to die before they can find safety.

With their leader dead and so many lizardmen defeated, the others retreat back into the swamp. The siege is lifted!

Oct 4 - The party takes a long rest than sets out to track the lizardmen back to their lair and rescue the prisoners. During their trek that day they see a small island out in a shallow lake with a half-dozen sleen taking in the sun. The rest of the party wants to avoid them, but Theena jumps into the water and begins to swim out to them. The sleen slip into the water before she gets to them, and come to investigate her. She manages to charm two of them, having them swim away, but the rest attack. She then speaks to the rest of them and asks them to leave her alone, which they agree to, being nocturnal hunters and more curious than hungry. The two charmed ones agree to come along. Theena enjoys riding one.

That night, more sleen (or perhaps the same ones), attack them. The party is warned of the attack by Talents magical sword which he got from Theldrik, but the sleen are still right on top of them. This time the sleen do not back down and it is a bloody affair.

Oct 5 - The party finds itself skirting the territory of another lizardman tribe. They are attacked by a patrol who are on the alert from the war party they are following. One of the sleens is lost in the combat.

Early in the afternoon

Session Twenty Seven 11/18/16

EXP Awards Aenir Kesa Talent Theena Thurmek
Session Award 840 840 840 840
RP Awards 0

Cast of characters

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