Bone Crown

The Story of the Once and Reborn King

Book One: From Ashes of Empire

Part I: The Horn of Ancient Valor

Adventure Three: The Proving of the Warlord

Act III: Bone Crown

Chapter One: Bone Crown

August 2
The party is moved into the main keep as a safety precaution. The party takes the girls shopping after Britta's finger is re-attached by the healer. Many pieces of silver and gold are spent.

August 3
Alarms awaken the party before dawn. The city is under attack! Already, orcs are within the eastern half of the city, let in the gate by Salim. The party takes to the walls to help defend the central keep. The orcs seem well-disciplined, organized, and prepared for a siege. The dwarven and human defenders of Haven are pushed back and the orcs gain the wall of the keep.

Azog Headpulper and his elite battle-guard spearheads the assault on the wall. Defenders fall like chaff before the power and majesty of the orcan leader Azog Headpulper. Standing over seven feet tall and armored in black-iron, he is a sight to behold duel wielding two huge axes. The hordes of orcs below prepare to swarm the walls in force.

Tristin is reminded of the prophesy they have recently found in the cairn and calls for the Horn he bought back at the War College of Magick. He blows the horn, and the battle seems to begin to shift in the party's favor. The party throws itself at Azog and his guard. Suspecting that this orc might really be the Horror Bonecrown, the party attmepts to force him to look at his reflection. This seems to distract him, but not to have the effect they read about. Meanwhile, the defenders look like they are losing against the orcs. Again, Tristin blows on the Horn. This time a cold wind rises up and the distant sound of thunder is heard. A ghostly horde of riders appears in the sky and sweeps over the terrified orc hordes, their hooves the sound of thunder in the sky. One ghost, that of an ancient general, stops and salutes Tristin, before riding into the fray.

Dawn is nearing now, the sky is afire to the west. One last time Tristin blows on the horn, shattering it. The Horn's call is clear and vibrant. The note seems to hang in the air, time stands still. The first ray of sunlight pierces the sky and illuminates the top of the wall. At that moment Elricson leaps on the monster's back and shoves the mirror in his face. A blast of light erupts from the mirror and tears the semblence of Azog from Bonecrown the Usurper. The Horror is revealed!

Looking like a huge skinned man with twisted and knotted muscles, terrified faces of trapped souls scream for release created from the flesh of Boncrown's body. A black and tarnished metal crown is fused to the bone of his exposed skull and his lipless grim exposes horrific fangs. Weakened by the blast of fire and light from the mirror, Bonecrown stands stunned. Ander and all the rest strike as fast and hard as they are able. Bonecrown's physical form is shattered, and his dark presense fades like a sigh on the wind. Without the force of will of the Horror to lead them, and broken by the ghostly attack, the remaining orcs rout.

Horn of Valor thrice blown Proves the Warlord and heralds the coming age of strife and war.

Chapter Two: Epilog

August 4-8
The party rests and recuperates. Plans are made to return to the War College. Anki tells Marik she is pregnant. Marik asks Aniki to marry him. Shaitan is over-joyed. Apprasals begin on the treasures returned from the caern.

August 9-15
The party heads for the college. Arrives the 15th.

August 16-19
Plans are made for the wedding to take place after Marik returns home to tell his parents. Individually, the party decides whether to take an immediate share of the treasure, or wait until it can be sold over the course of the next few months or year for more cash.

August 20
During the goodbye feast, Ander makes a toast to Marik for "doing the right thing" by marrying Aniki. Shiatan finds out about the pregnancy and freaks out. Marik is banished from the college, and Aniki too.

August 21-September 5
The party travels to Aquataine. Tristin bids his teamsters and guards farewell. They will continue to the Dutchy of Laaw, while Tristin and Gurney head for the south coast and Marik's village.

Sadly, during this trip, the curse on Ander and Britta re-asserts itself, and Britta is once again transformed into a wolf. Ander is crushed.

September 6-13
The party travels through Aquataine, arriving in Marik's village on the 13th. Marik's father is over-joyed to have the son of the Duke of Laaw as his houseguest, and shows his hospitality generously. Wedding plans are made for later in the tenday.

September 14
Marik moves into Grimgroth's old tower and goes to see Lord Bertrum, the local lord about employment. The lord is agreeable, though sad at Grimgroth's death. Marik lets slip that Tristin is staying with his father. Bertrum sends an invitation to Tristin to come stay at his manor. Tristin eagerly accepts and packs up and leaves without so much as a by-your-leave to Marik's father.

September 15
Marik's father is incensed at the insult done him and his family. He disguises himself and goes to the lord's manor. Tristin is flippant and rude. Marik's father challenges him to a duel. Tristin refuses and tells the old man to be off. Threats and insults are exchanged.

September 16
Tristin, Gurney, Elricson, and Ander depart for the Dutchy of Laaw before the wedding takes place. Wulfgar returns to Haven and the Barrier Peaks to join the campaigns against the orcs and other incursions.

September 17
A small family wedding is held for Marik and Aniki.

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