"Honestly, I'm not prepared."


Brinniuck Boriantost loves to travel, moving from place to place sharing his performances with those he meets along the way. Over the years he has become adept with his flute and can create the odd decent work of art when he's had the time to do so when not travelling. He has a greater connection with the fey world than most other gnomes (fey-touched) and as a result sometimes finds himself the go between those who don't or won't have working relationships with fey that come he comes across in his travels. There is nothing more he likes to do than finding a new venue to preform in, especially once his show is well received. Generally having a good nature and is friendly, he tries to keep himself out of any serious trouble with the locals so he's able to move on without much worry when the feeling to move on hits him.

Being only 40 inches tall, with blonde hair, green eyes and a silky smooth voice, he sometimes ends up having to stand up on tables or any other high surface in the Inn's he's performing in just to make sure the patrons notice it's him making the wonderful music. Because of the habit, he's had a few bad experiences with Inn keepers who don't take kindly to the fact his boots are on their tables, but for the most part, he's being able to talk his way out of any serious lasting trouble. The handful of times he wasn't able to smooth things out, it was mainly because of too much drink, which has caused him to give up imbibing anything that causes him to loose control like that. It's been years since he's had any serious issues with a Inn keeper.

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