Bugman S Bitter Blues

Session 8 (03/02/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 x 1 1 1
Experience Total 8 7 9 9 6

The cast of characters
GM Notes: This is a little adventure made by a fan Bugman's Bitter Blues

The party, sans Deuce, leaves Lord Auffenshaffenburg's late in the summer, having spent a little less than two months recovering and helping rebuild the manor. They discover the cultists had a worship area in a secret room under the manor, accessed from the library, the wine cellar, and the Lord's room. On the night of the attack Todd, one of the servants, was sacrificed, his blood sprayed on the painting before it was laid under the full moon. In addition they find several heretical books which they burn. During this time, Marina and Dane have been studying fighting with Deuce, but only Dane has picked up some of the techniques.

Auffenshaffenburg sees them on their way with a gift of mounts and ample rewards. They decide to skirt the mountains, staying to backroads and the wilds rather then backtrack out of their way to follow the major roads. The first week of their journey sees them traveling through hilly forests but nothing untoward happens. Soon they begin the ascent up into the mountain passes towards the dwarven strongholds. A day into the mountains they hear screams ahead and off the trail. Following the sounds they happen on a scene of horror as three giant bloated spiders are finishing wrapping their four humanoid prey in cocoons. A smashed wagon lies nearby, the horses seeming to have ripped free of the taces and plunged to their deaths over a nearby ravine. As one, they leap to the attack!

The spiders are quick, and poisonous, but little match for the party and soon they are defeated or driven off. Cutting the captives free reveals a merchant from Grissenwald, Gunthar Merryweather; Cynthia and Gunner Kitz, tarvern owners from Wusterburg, and owners of the wagon; and the slight but plucky Morgana, an agent from Altdorf.

They are very thankful of the party's timely rescue and ask the party's plans. Learning the party is headed to the dwarven fortress nearby, the Kitz's ask the party to help them by escorting them to Bugman's Brewery and helping them procure another wagon. Morgana is also headed that way, hot on the trail of warpstone stolen from Altdorf, a fact she keeps to herself. Gunthar, on the other hand is headed downhill, but promises the party a discount should they ever visit him in Grissenwald. The party agrees to help. In the meantime, they decide to track the remaining spider, hoping to find its lair as well as make the pass a little safer. Marina and Olaf manage the feat of tracking the spider back to a cave, a place of webs and death. Dane and Olaf enter and find some loot, but are unable to draw the spider out, even with Marina, who has refused to enter the cave, as bait alone outside.

Late the next day, as they are negotiating a defile, they are ambushed by several orcs and a small horde of goblins. It is a brutal and bloody combat, mostly for the goblins though, as the orcs treat them like fodder, scything through them even more than the party. Dane and Olaf are hard pressed and fall from their wounds, leaving Morgana and Marina (and the cowering Kitz's) facing a lone orc. To their relief, he flees the engagement, leaving them victorious.

The next day they arrive in a valley which they follow towards the Brewery. Along the way they find traintracks, which they end up paralleling to their destination: Bugman's. They are tired and beaten, but a hearty ale served by the sexiest elven lass any of them has ever seen, Gretta, gets them in good spirits. The Kitz's go to speak to Mr. Bugman while the party relaxes and has a bite to eat. Cynthia returns and tells the party that Mr. Bugman wishes to see them in his office and also asks them to get them a wagon as per their agreement.

Mr. Bugman seems happy to see them and thanks them for seeing the Kitz's through the mountains. As a reward he gives them each a cask of Bugman's Double-Double X, a fine ale indeed. The party is taken aback at this generousity and while he has them reeling, Bugman delivers his pitch. He needs them to investigate some recent thefts at the Brewery. He tells them that he has recently "upgraded" his production capacity and now many tools are going missing. He wants the tools returned and whoever is behind the thefts, dealt with. They agree to investigate.

Session 9 (03/09/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 1 x 1 1 1
Experience Total 9 7 10 10 7

The cast of characters
Investigate Bugman's.

Session 10 (03/18/10)

EXP Awards Dane Deuce Olaf Marina Morgana
Session Total 3 4 3 3 2
Experience Total 12 12 13 13 9

Deuce returns to the table. Lord Auffenshaffenburg had hired him to break a peasent revolt that was simmering on his lands. After dealing with the unruly mob, Deuce takes his pony and gold reward and heads out after the party who he knows are on their way to return Korden's hammer. He meets the merchant the party saved from the giant spiders, who tells him of their side-trek to get the Kitt's to Bugman's Brewery. He continues up the pass, seeing the aftermath of their battle against the greenskins, finding the same rails the party did and following them to the Brewery. He arrives with little fanfare and immediately spots Dane, who catches him up with the party's goings on up to this point.

The cast of characters
The party make plans to enter the tunnel and retrieve the steam drill. They suspect skaven, but for no other reason then player knowledge, unfortunately. Deuce is able to descend the tunnel with ease while the other party members make good use of a winch and pulley system the dwarves built at the top for them.

At the bottom they find a narrow and low tunnel leading off. The dwarfs are comfortable, but the humans find themselves having to stoop quite uncomfortably. As well, those with great weapons find they are unable to wield them as effectively as desired. They push into the tunnel, single file. They are ambushed soon after by a swarm of skaven who take them from the front and rear, using concealed crevices in the stone not even the dwarves could fit in. Some wounds are dealt, and several times it seems as if the swarm of skaven will overpower someone, but they are driven off or killed.

Pushing on, the party comes to an area of natural caverns which open out over a cliff. Down below they see a fire, more skaven, and a giant rat ogre, as well as the steam drill they have come to recover. The skaven see them as well, running up the path to block the party's way down, while the rat ogre guards the steam drill as another swarm of skaven attempt to carry it off deeper into the warrens. Deuce leaps down the steep cliff like the madman he is, attempting to close with the rat ogre quickly. The rest of the party begin moving down the path, taking sling fire from the skaven spread out on the track below them.

Deuce and the rat ogre tear into each other, with the rat ogre getting the worse of it. The party is able to get past or kill the other skaven and reach the drill just in time as it is carried away. Deuce is just able to life the drill himself, and they have no trouble returning it to the Brewery.

They confront Bugman about his use of wyrdstone, Morgan especially curious as to where he got it, as she was originally sent to track the warpstone and find out what became of it. He is remorseful and regrets using the shortcut which has cost his brewery three of its finest employees. He tells the party he will make good and pay a weregild to the families as well as making sure they are well taken care of in return for their silence on the matter. They offer to return the wyrdstone to Altdorf and the mages there so it can be safely disposed of, and he agrees to pay them for that as well. He pays them an advance and they tell him they will return after their business at Karaz Agaz is finished.

The party spends the night recouperating from their subterranian battles and set off in the morning for the nearby fortress. It is an uneventful trip and they arrive without incident. They are allowed to enter the fort and told they will need to seek an audience. At the palace they are told the king is granting audiences on the morrow, though others are already queuing up at the gate. The party retires to a quality inn and Olaf arranges a wake-up call for 4am.

Olaf and the rest of the party all arrive at the gate where they, due to their obvious wealth and affluence, are moved to the front of the line. As the morning progresses others arrive, some being put ahead of the party. The bitterness of the last several to arrive being put ahead of them is taken in stride and the line is moved into the throneroom where the king is holding audiences. The morning drags on as cases and requests are put forth to the king. Just before noon, it looks as if the king is going to take a break or call it a day, but his steward says something to him which causes him to look in the party's direction and take notice of them. They are called forth.

Olaf takes over the introductions and does a fantastic job, his calling of barber-surgeon perhaps misplaced for one of herald. Each of the party steps forth after Olaf's introduction and bows or curtsies as well as speaking well in answer to the king's questions and pleasantries. That is until Deuce. However, few in the court expect much of a slayer, so his faux pas are ignored. The king is happy to take possession of Korden's hammer and pleased at the work the party has done returning it. He arranges for them to meet him at a private dinner tonight to discuss their adventures and future more.

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