Arcallis uses a 28 day, 13 month calendar with 7 day weeks.

Days of the Week

The seven days of the week are: Moonday, Toilday, Wealday, Oathday, Fireday, Starday, and Sunday.

Moon Phases

The full moon is always the 1st of the month, the 3rd quarter on the 8th, with the new moon being on the 15th, and the 1st quarter on the 22nd. It is a waning gibbous on the 5th, a waning crescent on the 12th, a waxing crescent on the 19th, and a waxing gibbous on the 26th.


The thirteen months are: First Moon, Frost Moon, Lenten Moon, Fourth Moon, Flower Moon, Sixth Moon, Mid Moon, Fire Moon, Ninth Moon, Autumn Moon, Harvest Moon, Twelfth Moon, and Last Moon.

Seasonal Phases

  • The vernal equinox occurs on the 22nd of Lenten.
  • The summer solstice occurs on the first of Midmoon
  • The autumnal equinox occurs on the 8th of Autumn Moon.
  • The winter solstice (The Eve of the Dead) occurs on the 15th of Last Moon.
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