Caravan to Ein Arris

The Story of the Once and Reborn King

Book One: From Ashes of Empire

Part III: The Phoenix Risng

Adventure Three: Finding Hope Anew

Act I: Caravan to Ein Arris

GM Notes
Caravan to Ein Arris is an introductory GURPS adventure that can be gotten for free here. Since we were playing GURPS, it seemed apropos. We never did finish it, sadly. Also, I didn't make (or haven't found) any session notes on this campaign.

Chapter One: Hiring On

Session One 06/25/05

GM Notes
Just Ruin and Viggo along with Viggo's sister Kristanna. I dropped hints about Simeon being around as an NPC. Ruin seemed to really hate him for some reason. Ruin was an agent for the malicious Katsaya and I really am curious what he would have done in the final battle, but we never got to it.

Chapter Two: Troubleshooters

The party is sent to scout ahead with Farvaro, who they ended up bonding with, much to my chagrin.

Chapter Three: The Wedding Camel

The party managed to lose the camel early on, but they were able to retrieve it mostly undamaged.

Chapter Four: A Secret Mission

There was a huge amount of role-playing as the party decided how best to deal with so many bandits and the interaction with Kira and her ex-lover, Karhan.

Chapter Five: The Alternate

GM Notes
The party picked up Riana and got her back to the caravan, but we never got any further.

On to Act II: The Tower of the Dead

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