Characters Of A Shining Beacon

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Deadric - former squire to Sir Forg, sole survivor of an attack by The Glutton, now Guardian Protector of Blackspur Keep and wielder of Spirit
  • Kiley - Squire to The Swan Knight, aka Alex, a young noblewoman in hiding from her pervert Uncle

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

  • Pader Agustan Asonza - scholar from the Archivum and member of the Palpatine Eye
  • Hertiger - sole survivor of the adventuring party sent to stop The Master, saved by Daedric's healing
  • Sir Forg - The Boar Knight, a Vos adventurer
  • Mirranda - former seneshal of the Travelers' Rest on the Endless Road
  • Sir Tulkas Thallion - The Swan Knight, a faerie lord in service to the Queen

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Lady Alandra - wizardess of the White Hand
  • Bastian & Brigit - married couple, survivors of the Andra Ravaging
  • Bethany - apprentice of Lady Alandra
  • Emmanuel de'Borgias - young paladin of the Order of the Lion of Light
  • Frida - widow of the sheriff of Andra, mother of Theodore, bestower of the sword "Spirit"
  • Lisbet - barmaid at the Tipsy Wyvern, conquest of Daedric
  • Lissa - former tavern owner in Havenshire on the Endless Road, now living in Tranquility *RIP*
  • Lorrimor - professor of antiquities at the Lepidstadt University
  • Maja Weaver - human widow of dwarven ex-adventurer, survivor of the Andra Ravaging
  • Pader Sabastin Sevrin - priest of Andra
  • Theodore - young survivor of the Andra Ravaging
  • Zerun - village rat catcher, survivor of the Andra Ravaging


  • Achela & The Cult of the Hauntbeast - attempted and failed to break the horror's prison at Blackspur Keep *RIP*
  • Father Egan - Bishop of Mistmarch and co-conspiritor with Kiley's uncle
  • Eli VanHassen - darklord of the Endless Road *RIP*
  • The Glutton - dwarven Horror of mass consumption
  • The Gorgon - ancient Horror and ruler of Kal-Sithorak
  • The Master - corrupted Knight of the Realm, bearer of the Soul Star, another uncle of Kiley's *RIP*
  • The Pervert Uncle - regent of Kiley's lands, murderer of Kiley's father
  • Sheriff Trevor - the Taker, righthand man of the uncle *RIP*
  • Wiltevil - evil rootwalker ally of The Master *RIP*


  • The Caretaker - keeper of the Stone Orchard
  • Crevan Brand - brigand leader on the Endless Road
  • The Huntsman - headless rider of the Endless Road *RIP*
  • Chief Kalkachanla - goblin leader
  • Lady Katcha - Kiley's mother
  • Sansa - Trevor's lover and witch
  • The Silver Queen - Ruler of Kanday
  • Talithia VanHassen - daughter of Eli *RIP*
  • Trinkesti - female goblin vigil-keeper
  • Vitty - that crazy spriggan
  • Yasmine - young peaseant girl rescued from Trevor's keep
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