Characters Of An Exploration

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Dane - human initiate of Sigmar
  • Duece - dwarven troll slayer
  • Olaf - dwarven barber-surgeon
  • Marina - elven adventuress from beyond the Veil
  • Morgana - human agent of the Grey Wizards

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Lord Auffenshaffenburg - (Rickard) party patron after their work for him uncovering and destroying the Cult of the Unblinking Eye on his estates at Grunewald Hunting Lodge.
  • Birgitta - fiery red-haired roadwarden
  • Mr. Bugman - of Bugman's Brewery
  • Olver Gand - ex-soldier, now Master of Hounds for Lord Auffenshaffenberg
  • Gunthar Merryweather - merchant from Grissenwald, saved from spiders by the party, promised them a discount
  • Rutger - stoic roadwarden
  • Sister Sonya - blind priestess of Sigmar



  • Garig - Miner Foreman at Tessount's Folly, killed by bone nagas and raised as a wight by the necromancer *RIP*
  • Gretta & Hannah - barmaids at Bugman's Brewery
  • Lord Haromont - disinherited noble who attempted to recover the golden statue of Tessount's Folly *RIP*
  • The Kitz's - Cynthia and Gunner, tavern owners from Wusterburg seeking to buy Bugman's brew and resell it, or so they say…
  • Klaus von Rothstein- rotund and imperious merchant of Marienberg, saved near Diamond Lake
  • Korden Kurgansson - dwarven smith of Grunewald Hunting Lodge, driven insane by the cult *RIP*
  • Vern Hendrick - loyal and trusted manservant of Lord Auffenshaffenberg
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