Characters Of Caravan To Ein Arris

Main Characters (PCs)

Supporting Characters (PCs)

  • Ruin - Dark Elf sword wizard
  • Viggo - VIIIIIGGO!

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Halarmo the Red - merchant prince of Khedris
  • Kristanna - Viggo's younger sister and his excuse for brawling alot.
  • Riana - daughter of Halarmo and his third wife, Lura, sister of Tsorvano


  • Katsaya - 1st wife of Halarmo
  • Kira - spoiled, dumb, and arrogant daughter of Katsaya and Halarmo


  • Farvaro - merchant, bully, and gambler
  • Karhan - the bandit chief
  • Tsorvano - Halarmo's right-hand man
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