Characters Of Dark Legacy

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Dimbul - a gnomish rogue
  • Durlame Mithandrum - aka "Craven Skullcrusher" (character journals) *RIP*
  • Eolan Truesight - prince of the wood elves and archer extraordinairre
  • Jumpkets - goblin archer and scout, loyal yeoman of Fordham
  • Mordenheim Enkil Wallace - eldest of Lord Wallace; thrice cursed (character journals)
  • Rex Sterling - eldest of Lord Sterling, returned home early
  • Lord Roblair Fordham "the Brave" - eldest of Lord Fordham, now Lord Fordham after his father's suspicious death (character journals)

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Aleanor - ranger and sister of kindnapped girl
  • Chianna - betrothed of Eolan, dead to ghouls on the slopes of the caldera *RIP*
  • Dorian Blackwell - Inquisitor of St. Pelor of the Light
  • Ethrin - Seargent-at-arms of Castle Defiant
  • Master Grima - dwarven weaponcrafter of Brindinford
  • Sir Horatio - Rex's Father's Captain of Guard and Castellion
  • Princess Jealea Dhalwyne - Mordenheim's betrothed, dead by cultists of the Maw *RIP*
  • Lyondel - Leader of a Wood Elf tribe in the Sielwode
  • Maximillian - Mordenheim's childhood friend and Enlightener of St. Pelor of the Light, dead by grimlock assassins in the dark *RIP*
  • Sir Philip - Rex's Father's Seneschal
  • Lieutanant Shella - of the Brindinford watch
  • Timra - the Druidess, younger sister of Maximillian
  • Torea - Paladin of St. Heironomous of the Light
  • Tempus - Mordenheim's cohort *RIP*
  • The Blessed - a mad sorceress *RIP*
  • Bulgan - Durlame's great uncle *RIP*
  • Daros Hellseeker - an infernal cleric *RIP*
  • Felga - a grimlock assassin *RIP*
  • Ghaerleth Axom - The Speaker in Dreams
  • Lady Harriet Sterling - Rex's Stepmother
  • Kass'k - Lizardman raider of the Blight *RIP* (x2)
  • Ras Sadir - Keeper of the Burning Tongue *RIP* (also x2)
  • Roblair's Mom - fey lady of the Unseelie Court
  • Squirm - wererat rogue *RIP*


  • Abdul Al-Haz - merchant of the Blight
  • High Mage Ailrien - Elven High Mage in the Sielwode
  • Lady Alein - Champion of St. Heironomous in Brindinford
  • Baron Euphemes II - ruler of the city of Brindinford
  • High Priest Forgrim - leader of the Temple of St. Pelor in Brindinford
  • Laeanna Lee - spurned lover of Durlemae
  • Capt. Nerguile Slann - Mordenheim's father's captain of the guard and trusted cohort
  • Rex's Younger Half-brother - half-fey, worships his older half-brother, but his mother is attempting to poison his mind against him
  • Orzog - rescued orc, died at Castle Defiant *RIP*
  • Tulkas Thallion - "The Swan Knight", fey Lord of the Seelie Court
  • Lord Wallace - a real dick, but a master of the game
  • Sir Wintergreen - Counciler to the town of Powderkeg
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