Characters Of Dominion

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Kanith/Pathfinder - last heir to his lands, on the run, ruler of Shadhavar (Kanith's Journal)
  • Kanna - aka "The Silver Enchantress", aka the Siren, an awnshegh of Ivania (returned home)
  • Kiley/Pathfinder - princess on the run from her evil uncle and his plans to steal her lands, spymaster of Shadhavar

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

  • Akiros Ismort/Pathfinder - disgraced paladin, once second-in-command of the Stag Lord's forces, now a member of the fledgling colony, Warden of Shadhavar
  • Auchs/Pathfinder - a once cruel & sadistic lumbering lummox of a man, once a bandit lieutenant of the Stag Lord, now Kannith's loyal defender, Royal Enforcer, and gentle giant
  • Bokken/Pathfinder - senile hermit alchemist, Magister of Shadhavar
  • Chaucer/Pathfinder - Kannith's herald and minstrel, grand diplomat of Shadhavar
  • Cinnamon - Kiley's amazing horse
  • Father Jharod/Pathfinder - exiled priest, now blessed caretaker of the Temple of the Elk, High Priest of Shadhavar
  • Kesten Garess/Pathfinder - disgraced knight, general of Shadhavar
  • Leizl/Pathfinder - huntress who frequents Oleg's, handy with an axe or wrench, Marshal of Shadhavar
  • Maximus - aka Max, Kannith's powerful steed
  • Oleg/Pathfinder - proprieter of Oleg's Trading Post, treasurer of Shadhavar
  • Chief Sootscale/Pathfinder - kobold leader of the Sootscales, vassal of Shadhavar
  • Svetlana/Pathfinder - Oleg's Vos wife, councilor and voice of the people for Shadhavar

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Gaston - one of Oleg's militia who proved himself at the battle of Tuskwater Fort and later at warning Oleg's of the impending assualt, favored of Kiley
  • Latricia Evernore - priestess of Erastil, wife and power behind the throne in Taztlford
  • Lily - young daughter of the late widower Teskertin
  • Loy "Tanner" Rezbin - ranger mayor of Tatzlford
  • Melianse - nixie sorceress of the Greenbelt waterways
  • The Sootscales - small tribe of Kobolds, at war with the Sycamore Mites, allied
  • Tiressia - dryad druid and woodland protector of the Narlmarches
  • Vekkus - old hunter, lamed by Tuskgutter


  • The Dancing Lady - baobhan sith, Lady of the Forgotten Keep *RIP*
  • Dovan from Nisroch - serial killer bandit lieutenant, formerly second-in-command *RIP*
  • Happs Bydon - bandit lieutenant under Kressle *RIP*
  • Lord Huntington - a noble of Restov who Kannith attacked on a hunting trip
  • Kressle - bandit leader of the Thorn Camp, under the Stag Lord
  • The Lonely Warrior - ancient Andu warrior, risen as a cairn wight to recover his sword, "Glamour Breaker", wrongfully taken by his brother *RIP*
  • Malgorzata - priestess of the Cult of Gyronna
  • Nix - clever troll terrorizing the Kamelands *RIP*
  • Nugrah the Decrepit - elderly druid and father of the the Stag Lord *RIP*
  • Rigg Gargadilly - Quickling Lord of the Forgotten Keep
  • The Stag Lord - leader of the bandits of the Greenbelt *RIP*
  • Spirit of Stisshak - advanced wisp, posing as an ancestor spirit of the Murque River tribe
  • The Sycamore Mites - a mean band of fey mites living under an old sycamore tree *RIP*
  • Tuskgutter - legendary dire boar of the Narlmarches *RIP*
  • The Tuskwater Bandits - the Stag Lord's personal guard at the Tuskwater fort *RIP*


  • Lord Arlo Istmortvarg - Swordlord of Restov in charge of the exploration charter and destruction of the Stag Lord
  • Arven - obsessed fishman
  • Breeg Orlinvanch - mean-spirited trapper *RIP*
  • Cassie - ex-lover of Kanith's, mother of Raven
  • Conner Firth - commander of the Siren's Guard and her lover
  • Davik Nettles - undead apparition seeking vengeance on the Stag Lord *RIP*
  • Falchos - satyr consort of Tiressia
  • The Village of Gana - saved from the predations of a werewolf-like horror by the heroes
  • Gareth & Barnabas - two hunters the party met in the Wraithmist
  • Garuum - boggard exile *RIP*
  • Narthropple - gnomish explorer of the Pathfinder Society extraordinaire!
  • Munguk - the Wandering Giant
  • Perlivash - fey drake, friend of Tyg-Titter-Tut
  • Raven - Khannith's, potential, illegitimate daughter
  • Stas - local lumberjack, proud owner of a keen magic spear
  • The Swamp Witch - hag-like witch rumored to consort with demons and eat children
  • Swordlords of Restov - sponsors of the explorations of the Stolen Lands
  • Tig Tannersen - young son of the tanner, collects wild animals as pets, always getting in trouble
  • Tyg-Titter-Tut - grig trickster, friend of Perlivash
  • Vesket - the Lizard King of the Muque River tribe *RIP*
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