Characters Of Dreams Of A Dying Mind

The Hero

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Brinniuck - gnome polymath and performer extraordinaire from Grotsgrotto
  • Damien Etrescu - Taru's real name, finally told to the party
  • Eoghan - Caldorian squire searching Kanday for his fraternal twin brother
  • Gidli Stormthane - Khurin-Azur dwarven cleric of Trudd on walkabout
  • Uedribayr - once an indentured servant, apprenticed to the Archmage Manzorian, now a journeyman himself

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Alimira - illegitimate and beloved daughter of the Earl of Reyfor
  • Militiaman Arneson & the people of Socanth - grateful to the heroes for their role in ending the threat of Thomas Ochan
  • Auric - two time Free City Arena Champion and proud bearer of said belt! One of the Free City Trio. Glory hound!
  • Blade - young rogue of Valespire, released (to his surprise) after attempting to steal The Book from the party
  • Helm of Sir Cassis - animated flying helmet of Sir Cassis, dead these long decades, attracted to Eoghan
  • Brother Chakrant & his fey wife - leaders of the dwarven temple in Eyrebend
  • Evene - sister of Blade, saved by Julie and joined the Troupe
  • Flinsme Larar - gnome friend of Yhossarian from back home
  • Jhadark Rimslayer - Dwarven crafter from Greysmere turned Troll-slayer for reasons unknown, also former adventuring companion of Leeni
  • Leeni - vampiric halfling cleric from Eyrbend *unRIP* Redeemed and returned to life by the actions of the party, now serving a heavy penance for her actions while a vampire.
  • Professor Petros Lorrimer - curator of the Leipstatz Museum in Wissenburg; "The Professor"
  • Petiare - Nymph leader of the Rentrae Enclave
  • The Earl of Reyfor - in the party's debt for their discretion in rescuing his illegitimate daughter
  • Sabsinthra Tith - Drow oracle of Eilistraee, ally of Gidli
  • Shirka - cat sith assassin, Gidli's wife
  • Teekee - strange goblin-style tiki statue that appeared to Yhossarian after he completed his mission of returning the great goblin shaman's ashes and belongings to his people's mass grave near Socanth. <cue eerie Brady Bunch music> A Needful Thing, now owned by Uedribayr.
  • Tirra - wood elf rogue, one of the Free City Trio; not mean-spirited, but in it for the money; embittered & saddened at the death of Yhossarian
  • Vectrex of the Left Hand of Darkness - half-elven rake, former adventuring companion of Leeni
  • Cleric Winston - party liaison to the Archivium in Valespire


  • Bill & Tedra - leaders of a small gang of pickpockets and thieves in Valespire, driven from the city
  • Danny - strange halfling body servant of the Ruby Lady
  • Grigor Sirkoi - huge Vos warrior in the employ of the Ruby Lady
  • The Invited Guest - Furyundian noble, member of the Association of the Xanthic Portent; Baron Manfred Hauseaneur
  • Jish - rogue of Frandor's Keep, executed for his role in the kidnapping of Alimira *RIP*
  • Jondar the Barbarian - Ivanian barbarian with a grudge to prove himself better than the party after their refusal to hire him
  • "Dirty" Meg & the Redhand Gang - assassin's guild operating out of the Haunted Mill near Valespire until the bulettes and the party ruined their hideout.
  • The Ruby Lady - aka Ruby DeSheers nee Quelemter, decadent noblewoman of The Free City, collector of the occult
  • The Stranger -
  • The Tatterman - ancient dream-Horror of the Furyundian coast; had a role in the Thrushmoor Vanishing
  • Thomas Ochan - necromancer of the Socanth Incident *RIP* When the party seized his shielding gem reversing the flow of necromantic energies and incinerating him.


  • The goblin witchdoctor - driven from Karinor Manor, but spared
  • Julee d'Aubigney - talented singer and swordmaster from the far capitol of Aquataine
  • Kashzik - lizardfolk druid of the Twisted Branch tribe of the Mistmarsh, and his leshy familiar, Xotle, sent into the world at large to protect his tribe from encroaching civilization, now returned home
  • Father Katemahl - ancient clerical sage in Valespire
  • Kendra Lorrimer - daughter of the Professor
  • Khelleck - Khinasai wizard of ill-repute, one of the Free City Trio; member of the Seekers; little regard for civilians
  • Kortos - venturer hireling of Uedribayr
  • Sir Joreen - paladin Champion of the Light in Valespire, thinks Eoghan "has what it takes"
  • Sister Eglaminia - young acolyte of the Light in Valespire, scribe
  • Musuda, Archon of the Eighth District - ancient lich from the era of Theren dominion over Anuire, recently awoken and slowly regaining his strength
  • Sir Reginald - leader of the Troupe, barrel-chested, walrus-like mustache, 6'7"
  • The Seasage Entity/first form - strange otherworldly being
  • Shayleigh - "beached" kelpie; beloved of Leomachas
  • The Silver Queen - un-aging ruler of Kanday
  • Tahnarook - dwarven refugee from the fall of Mur-Kalid living in The Free City, driven out by the machinations of the Ruby Lady
  • The Troupe - operatic company from the capital of Aquataine, now on tour in Kanday
  • Voldun Darkmane - former adventuring companion of Leeni *RIP* Turned into a vampire by his former adventuring companion Leeni
  • Yhossarian - Ranger of the Rentrae Enclave, sent forth to deliver the remains of an enemy shaman to his final resting place as part of a deal to protect his home *RIP* Protecting Assinthorpe from a pack of ghouls with Julie and crushed when bad luck brought down a wall on him and the ghouls.

The Six

  • Asnöde – Keeper of the Dawn Station and Master of Earth
  • Celestë – Keeper of the Northern Station and Mistress of Air
  • Geöde – Keeper of the Eastern Station and Mistress of Wood
  • Mithröde – Keeper of the Twilight Station, Binder of the Ways, and Master of Spirit
  • Mobiüs – Keeper of the Western Station and Master of Water
  • Teöde – Keeper of the Southern Station and Master of Fire

The Eight

  • The Enchantress
  • The Nethermancer
  • The Sea-Witch
  • The Bonfire
  • The Smiling Mage
  • The Forger
  • The Sword-Mage
  • The Ever-Living
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