Characters Of Dreams Of A Dying Mind

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Brinniuck - gnome polymath and performer extraordinaire from Grotsgrotto
  • Eoghan - Caldorian squire searching Kanday for his fraternal twin brother
  • Gidli Stormthane - Khurin-Azur dwarven cleric of Trudd on walkabout
  • Kashzik - lizardfolk druid of the Twisted Branch tribe of the Mistmarsh, and his leshy familiar, Xotle, sent into the world at large to protect his tribe from encroaching civilization
  • Tobias Dewfoot - Halfling Ranger of the Rentrae Enclave, sent forth to deliver the remains of an enemy shaman to his final resting place as part of a deal to protect his home, now accepting the burden of protecting the large world beyond it

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Militiaman Arneson & the people of Socanth - grateful to the heroes for their role in ending the threat of Thomas Ochan
  • Flinsme Larar - gnome friend of Tobias from back home
  • Professor Petros Lorrimer - curator of the Leipstatz Museum in Wissenburg
  • Petiare - Nymph leader of the Rentrae Enclave


  • Thomas Ochan - necromancer of the Socanth Incident *RIP*


  • Auric - two time Free City Arena Champion and proud bearer of said belt! One of the Free City Trio. Glory hound!
  • Kendra Lorrimer - daughter of the Professor
  • Khelleck - Khinasai wizard of ill-repute, one of the Free City Trio; member of the Seekers; little regard for civilians
  • The Silver Queen - Ruler of Kanday
  • Teekee - strange goblin-style tiki statue that appeared to Tobias after he completed his mission of returning the great goblin shaman's ashes and belongings to his people's mass grave near Socanth. <cue eerie Brady Bunch music>
  • Tirra - wood elf rogue, one of the Free City Trio; not mean-spirited, but in it for the money
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