Characters Of Players Choice

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Alessandra - mute Oracle of Lassa, Mistress of Air, servant of Gosrah
  • Elisian - exiled Drow Undead Lord of Urgathoa *RIP* died to the ironic poison of a spider
  • Nilus - assassin bodyguard of Elisian
  • Sebastian Thelonius Montavarious - "St. Monty"; son of dead Venture-Captains

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

Peripheral Characters (NPCs)


  • Guildmaster Aeropos Karanos - merchant guild representative at Fort Tem
  • Best - bar wench of the Strong Arms
  • Genelen - Priestess of Sarenae at Fort Tem
  • Hamish - halfling man-servant to Sebastian
  • Demetrius - heavy infantry legionnaire of Lormyr, Sebastian's henchman *RIP*
  • Subaltern Lynara Miren - stationed at Fort Tem
  • Mouthpiece of the Oracle & the Oracle Guard - Alessandra's personal guard and their leader
  • Ruby - bartender & manager of the Strong Arms
  • Sailors of St. Monty's ship
  • Sharbot - Hill People witch, raised in Umara, slave of Nilus
  • Count Terennium - explorer and ex-general of Lormyr; lives in Korvosa; collector of exotic animals (his guards)
  • Tompom - bouncer of the Strong Arms
  • The Voice of the Oracle - the first of Alessandra's guard leaders, dead against the tentacled horrors of the Gallery of Evil campaign *RIP*


  • Anoira - leader of the "Sisters" of Cadsandria
  • Baron Forten Le Grosh - Chelaxian aristocrat, owed money by the Strong Arms
  • Endrik Archeron - regionally renowned artist; known by party to be a plagiarist
  • Betumi - the dwarven vaultguard, ex-henchman of Sebastian
  • Hometri Socolo - annalist of Fort Tem
  • Imron Gauthfellow - angry wizard behind the paintings used to kill in Greater Havenor; escaped justice, whereabouts unknown
  • Irna & Aard - Sisterhood member & her demon bodyguard; sent to gather the Sorcerer's Dust; dead in their own ambush against the party *RIP*
  • "Sisters" of Cadsandria - the Cadsandrian branch of the Sisters of Chaos; men in drag
  • Sisters of Havenor - the Havenorian branch of the Sisters of Chaos
  • Taffa & her family - bar wench of the Strong Arms and her many burly sailor brothers
  • The Lady Below - power behind the sinister Stone of Sakkara
  • Veloo - Lormyrian member of the Sisters of Chaos


  • Aileen - local member of the Sisters of Chaos of Havenor; daughter of local merchant prince, fled the Sisters and Havenor
  • Asheron Coyle - art connoisseur, critic, and sponsor of adventurous expeditions of Greater Havenor *RIP*
  • Belfor Vittanis - art connoisseur and critic of Greater Havenor; well known for extravagant parties
  • Caram - 14yr old son of Best
  • Lady Celena Valerian - dissatisfied wife of Legate Valerian
  • Darius Finch - "The Well-Dressed Gentleman"
  • Dedmon - manservant of Baron Forten Le Grosh
  • Dirkum - former owner of the Strong Arms; lost it to Sebastian in a game of chance; owed a considerable sum to Le Grosh *RIP*
  • Eldara - demon woman and founder of the Sisters of Chaos; awake and seeking revenge against her enemies
  • Eleazonna Gertwright - art connoisseur of Greater Havenor; friend of Asheron & Belfor
  • Horton Sr & Jr - kitchen staff of the Strong Arms
  • Lorje - merchant of Havenor attempting to extricate himself from business dealings with the Sisters of Chaos
  • M - mysterious woman who has a connection to The Strong Arms
  • Malyn - the Misshapen, mage of Fort Tem
  • Presto - mascot of the Strong Arms
  • Legate Ulrand Valerian - friend of Count Terrenium in charge of Fort Tem
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