Characters of Redemption

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Sir Celenod - The Champion of Light

Supporting Characters (PCs)

  • Sir Aeric - fallen paladin, now rebel leader against Baron Ordieth (NPC)
  • C'mron - elven warrior, killed by zombies after being left behind. *RIP*
  • Cormega - cousin of C'mron. Hung for treason. *RIP*
  • Damien Hawkdragon - knight of Ravensbluff. Hung for treason. *RIP*
  • Elmo Thork - dead by greataxe blow from Claude *RIP*
  • Ereshkigal bin Safat - Khinasai monk on the run
  • Sanadarr - Elven Evoker. Hung for treason. *RIP*
  • Thraug - Orc of legend. Hung for treason *RIP*
  • Tobias - *RIP*
  • Whitefire - Cleric of the Light. Hung for treason. *RIP*
  • Zorin Cavewalker - dwarf warrior, retired from adventure and opened a smithy.

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Yvette of the Grim Legion
  • Zenon of Vale - conman and rogue


  • Bargok - Orc cleric of Grummash, brought plague in vengeance for his people *RIP*
  • Sir Bruton - knight of Baron Ordieth, killed but still walking around *RIP*
  • Claude - mountain man, bounty hunter, and mate to Mimi
  • Sir Cruscus - knight of Baron Ordieth, master swordsman
  • Grut One-eye
  • Jakk Tornclaw *RIP*
  • Kurjan Sawtooth - *RIP*
  • Mimi - witch and mate to Claude


  • Loreli the witch - lover of Lord Tormalain and his connection to the people
  • Baron Ordieth - iron-handed ruler of a barony in Valon
  • Lady Rachael
  • Rando
  • Lord Tormalain - exiled lord betrayed by Baron Ordieth, leader of popular rebellion *RIP*
  • Lady Vertigan - powerful cleric of the Light in Raven's Bluff
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