Characters Of Ruins of Empire

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Ailen'Nehan - (Silver Snow) fae shifter of the Midmarches
  • Goram - escaped monk
  • Ruin - Dark Elf sword wizard
  • Viggo - VIIIIIGGO!

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Ashia - once wrecker queen, now conquest of Viggo
  • Blossom - once a fey of Winter, now of Spring, her heart thawed by Viggo
  • Dierre of the Black Shores - wandering minstral captive aboard the Virago, born to wealth but sacrificed it to be an adventurer
  • Grimthark - of Haakenvark
  • Halarmo the Red - merchant prince of Khedris
  • Khisanth -
  • Nileegra - outcast orc barbarian
  • Osa Dileel - Khinasi trader captive aboard the Virago
  • Ravanna - shadar-kai witch
  • Riana - daughter of Halarmo and his third wife, Lura, sister of Tsorvano


  • The Elemental Fist - Theren assassins after Alexis: Kheposh Cheöp (*RIP*), Nandar Krös (*RIP*), Ramush Daro (*RIP*), Neome Suese (*RIP*), Harmond Mode
  • Festaud il'Sook - thought to be a decadent and effete aristocrat of Tor but actually a freed succubus of the Black Pyramid back to corrupt
  • Ham - pig-headed monstrousity *RIP*
  • Hasper Dal - wizard-priest of Pan Tang
  • The Grim Tailor - horrid Shadowfey grafting spider
  • Katsaya - 1st wife of Halarmo
  • Khisanth unleashed - her curse removed and her terrible power once again released on the world….by Ruin
  • Kira - spoiled, dumb, and arrogant daughter of Katsaya and Halarmo
  • The Patriach - mad fey trapped in creation by il'Sook in ancient times *RIP*
  • Tantalroy - half-elf fop, conspiritor against il'Sook


  • Astalle - disillusioned sycophant of il'Sook
  • Farvaro - merchant, bully, and gambler
  • J'na - drow assassin sent for Ruin, now his lover.
  • Karhan - the bandit chief
  • Lady Marissa - half-elf Major Domo of il'Sook in Tor
  • Sansa Kelbin - assassin and cohort of Haiyana ben Shair.
  • Tsorvano - Halarmo's right-hand man
  • Tum-tum - mad sycophant of il'Sook
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