Characters Of Serpent Tears And Shackled Skulls

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Alina - elven magus, last of her line and sworn to protect the Dragon Queen of Ista, boarded in Illmoria
  • Adra - human cleric of the Young Gods, boarded in Illmoria
  • Aradin - Zarunese Inquisitor, sent to Vilmir to train (Aradin's Dream Prophecy)
  • Caelim - Anuirean half-elf questing to prove his father's competence, boared in Emelrene
  • Ulgrim - orc mercenary boarded in Vilmir

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

  • Aerys Mavato - brooding elven sailor from Porta who boarded in Mesire
  • Gelik Amberwhinge - gnomish comedian with a sharp tongue who boarded in Havenor
  • Ishirou - Rogukanese thug from Deshan who boarded in Mesire
  • Jask Derindi - Khinasai priest of Nesire boarded as a prisoner in Vilmir
  • Sasha Nevah - optimistic Eastronese duelist who boarded in Havenor

Peripheral Characters (NPCs)


  • Alton Devers - First Mate aboard the Jenivere *RIP*
  • Aycenia -
  • Rylie - exotic half-elven barbarian sailor seen aboard the Jenivere



  • Alizandru Kovak - Captain of the Jenivere *RIP*
  • Avret Kinkarian - ghost Captain of the Brine Demon
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