Characters Of The Phoenix Throne

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Sir Celenod - The Champion of Light
  • Simeon - The Phoenix
  • Tristin Laaw - The Warlord
  • Wulfgar - The Shieldbearer

Supporting Characters (PCs)

  • Thumbar - Iron dwarf warrior of the Gorgon's Crown and the Herald of Light

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Kristanna - barbarian witch and wife of Simeon



The Six

  • Asnöde – Keeper of the Dawn Station and Master of Earth
  • Celestë – Keeper of the Northern Station and Mistress of Air
  • Geöde – Keeper of the Eastern Station and Mistress of Wood
  • Mithröde – Keeper of the Twilight Station, Binder of the Ways, and Master of Spirit
  • Mobiüs – Keeper of the Western Station and Master of Water
  • Teöde – Keeper of the Southern Station and Master of Fire

The Eight

  • The Enchantress
  • The Nethermancer
  • The Sea-Witch
  • The Bonfire
  • The Smiling Mage
  • The Forger
  • The Sword-Mage
  • The Ever-Living
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