Characters Of The Silent City

Main Characters (PCs)

Supporting Characters (PCs)

  • Bhaum - Warrior-priest of Khesh and Grandfather Serpent
  • Lucas - Half-elven mercenary captain of Vilmyr
  • Ruin - Dark Elf sword wizard
  • Thumbar - Iron dwarf warrior of the Gorgon's Crown
  • Viggo - VIIIIIGGO!

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Alexis - dragon queen of Ista
  • Ashia - once wrecker queen, now conquest of Viggo
  • Blossom - once a Winter fey, now Spring, her heart thawed by Viggo
  • Captain Brolly - of the Sea Harrier
  • Dierre of the Black Shores - wandering minstral captive aboard the Virago, born to wealth but sacrificed it to be an adventurer
  • Grimthark - of Haakenvark
  • Bosun Illustra - elven sailor aboard the Sea Harrier
  • Kristanna - Viggo's younger sister, barbarian witch and wife of Simeon.
  • Lord Torsten Aerakin - party patron in Zara
  • Omerginroul - a silume, an alien being from another world
  • Osa Dileel - Khinasi trader captive aboard the Virago
  • Vyrallis - eladrin head in an orb, found to be the Scourge of Ista *RIP*


  • Carmen the Red - prior marshal of the Market Street gang, late of the Back Street Boys gang *RIP*
  • Dima'dra'essh - high priestess of Eequor, the Blue Lady *RIP*
  • The Elemental Fist - Theren assassins after Alexis: Kheposh Cheöp (*RIP*), Nandar Krös (*RIP*), Ramush Daro (*RIP*), Neome Suese (*RIP*), Harmond Mode
  • Gariv Klos - captain of the Chardros Lament *RIP* in single combat to Thumbar
  • Gharash Vren - outer Portan boss *RIP* in single combat to Thumbar
  • Hasper Dal - wizard-priest of Pan Tang
  • Karavakos - *RIP*
  • The Shadow of Karavakos - escaped the Black Pyramid
  • Vikena - priestess of Eequor, the Blue Lady *RIP*


  • Anda Iridan'uu - tattoed priestess of Eequor
  • Aniona Laros - Captain of the Theren battle barge Tempest
  • Farad Choman - "The Duke", leader of the Sword Gang.
  • Geirmund the Hare - thief and prior slave of the Pan Tangians aboard the Virago
  • Haiyana ben Shair - prior seneshal of the Market Street gang, now leader.
  • Ildona - priestess of Eequor
  • Ischune - Vos warrior maiden *RIP* by the power of Ruin
  • J'na - drow assassin sent for Ruin, now his lover.
  • Korune - amnesiac captive aboard the Virago, lover of Jessamyn, sister of the captain of the Tempest
  • Linault Brinn - blacksmith captive aboard the Virago *RIP*
  • Palu'um Thal'hail - young, beautiful, and manipulative priestess of Eequor
  • Riliish Tem - priestess of Eequor
  • Sansa Kelbin - assassin and cohort of Haiyana ben Shair.
  • The Sea Hag - powerful witch in Porta, her help costs dearly
  • First Mate Tilly - of the Sea Harrier
  • Varten Vensk - captain of the Virago *RIP*
  • Whyss - competent sailor and rogue captive aboard the Virago

The Eight

  • The Enchantress
  • The Nethermancer
  • The Sea-Witch
  • The Bonfire
  • The Smiling Mage
  • The Forger
  • The Sword-Mage
  • The Ever-Living
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