Characters Of The Theren Gambit

Main Characters (PCs)

  • Sabiya - stowaway from the Suncoast who has arrived on the Wizard Isles to study magic in her mentor's memory
  • Sorin - has arrived on the Wizard Isles to gain power, any way possible, to someday face and defeat his mentor, who murdered his family

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Agrilik - grizzled ex-gladiator Khinasai bodyguard to the Princess fo Geoff
  • Amelior - a renowned Alchemist of Alwina
  • Belinda - hot Goth chick; former roommate of Corin, Dunn & Wendy
  • The Bosun's Mate - a handsome young man smitten with Sabiyah aboard the Dancing Fae
  • Corin - Nymph Water mage, with a minor in Divination, who helped the party crack the language and code on the Book of Space & Time
  • Jed - young cabin boy who hired Sorin to cast black magic on his behalf


  • The Bosun - recipient of Sorin's black magic on behalf of Jed
  • Knight of Horns - minotaur lord of the Enchanted Wood
  • Larcantos Grym - Theren Shadowmage who mentored Sorin until the lad balked at his blood sacrifices and turned him in
  • Stormclencher - giant bull and mount of the Knight of Horns *RIP*
  • Tianna -


  • Chelsea - handmaiden of the Princess of Geoff
  • Drakk - adventuring wizard helping the Elven Princess
  • Dunn - hideous Earth mage duped (?) into helping Jacob, expelled from the Wizard Isles, now a member of the Alwina Conclave
  • Hadrin Hardfort - merchant of Alwina leading a caravan to the Pillar of Karsus
  • Jacob - young Theren mage in disguise on the Wizard Isles *RIP*
  • Melody - adventuring Elven rogue helping the Elven Princess
  • The Princess of Geoff - granddaughter of the Duchess of Geoff
  • Samson - adventuring warrior helping the Elven Princess
  • Silvanas Sharpedge - handsome Elven bodyguard to the Princess of Geoff
  • Stryker Strongrip - master mechanican, bonded master for the Duke of Alwina
  • Wendy - roommate of Corin, Dunn, and Sabiyah who orchestrated the translating of the Book of Space and Time for her own ends as the infamous jewel thief, The Rose
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