Characters Of The Tower Of The Dead

Main Characters (PCs)

Supporting Characters (PCs)

  • Ruin - Dark Elf sword wizard
  • Viggo - VIIIIIGGO!

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • Ashia - once wrecker queen, now conquest of Viggo
  • The Brotherhood of the Spear - the wrecker wrecker's of Seawall.
  • Jireal - Ranger of the Isenshoul Penninsula.
  • Kerak - the merchant, Illien agent in Porta.
  • Kristanna - Viggo's younger sister and his excuse for brawling alot.
  • Krogar - barbarian tribesman of the Tilini.
  • Ruenon - son of Jerri, sworn to the service of Viggo.
  • S'ska - member of the Kojar's Point lizardman tribe.
  • Father Warale Essryn - priest and minor functionary of the Church of Pelor in Zara.
  • Young Baran Zendar - adventurer-wannabe
  • Lady Zora of Zarun - priestess of Pelor.


  • Artron - freed wrecker and kidnapper of Kristanna *RIP*
  • Baris the Black - agent of the Black Ring and leader of the Market Street gang *RIP*
  • Carmen the Red - prior marshal of the Market Street gang
  • The Daughters of Mahogra - The sea hag sisters: Ambraga, Gakara, & Kurula *RIP*
  • Eldara Lilybrook - necromancer & cultist of Graz'zt; conspiritor of Zara
  • Je'in - agent of the Black Ring at Zendar Farm; seductress & cultist
  • The Sawfish Boys (the Anderhoff brothers) - Kinto, Parne, Torkan (*RIP*), and Vander
  • Svingal - dwarven wrecker, executed at the tide-stake *RIP*


  • Barz Morana - exiled Vilmyrian Lord; Leader of the Morana Company in service of Nilgeranthrib.
  • Dargon - rotund gourmet and captain of the Surf-runner.
  • Farad Choman - "The Duke", leader of the Sword Gang.
  • Haiyana ben Shair - prior seneshal of the Market Street gang, now leader.
  • J'na - drow assassin sent for Ruin, now his lover.
  • Sammuel - smuggler of Seawall.
  • Sansa Kelbin - assassin and cohort of Haiyana ben Shair.
  • Ton-Ton - cook of the Surf-runner.
  • The Zendar family - of Zendar Farm.

The Eight

  • The Enchantress
  • The Nethermancer
  • The Sea-Witch
  • The Bonfire
  • The Smiling Mage
  • The Forger
  • The Sword-Mage
  • The Ever-Living
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