Character Creation

Ability Scores

In addition to the base 22 points, it is possible to earn additional points to spend. The player submits things to me to get earned points, which are then converted into ability score points as per the following table:

Earned Points 1 2 4 6 10 15
Ability Points 1 2 3 4 5 6

Some suggestions for Earned Points areas follows (areas of increased points for more work are not cumulative):

  • A paragraph of character background (1)
  • A page+ of character background (2)
  • Five character quirks/flaws (1)
  • Character illustration (picture from the web, hand drawn, whatever) (1)
  • As above but really impressive character illustration (2)
  • Tie in with another PC or PCs in the character background (1)
  • As above but with more PCs or just a perfect tie in as determined by the GM (2)
  • Character done in Character Builder (1)
  • Character miniature (1, 2 for painted really well)
  • Character has a motivation, plot hook, or handle the GM can use (1)
  • Three really good, useable NPCs in the background (parents, friends, rivals, etc) (1)
  • Player submits something that wows the GM (map of the region or birth city, etc) (1)
  • Rolling in Central Casting (1)

Expertise Feats

Not allowed without GM permission. This feat just shows that the developers realized they had made a flawed system that needed some balancing. About the only time this feat is allowed is for characters who don't optimize their primary ability scores for their class.

Racial Changes

  • Dwarves can spend a Feat to gain Fire Resistance as per the Tiefling racial ability.
  • No half-orcs exist, but an orc player may choose the half-orc or orc race template to use as his race, representing civilized vs. uncivilized.



Only clerics of the Light can Turn Undead by default. Clerics of other faiths can choose (or be assigned) an appropriate Channel Divinity feat.


Spending Healing Surges

Healing does not begin at zero. All healing is done from the actual negative amount the player has accumulated. It is just silly watching a character bounce from almost dead to full hp with all the healing available to a well planned group. This rule is relaxed in groups that lack a healer or are low level, at GM whim.

Stacked Effects

Every savable condition from different creatures is rolled for individually, even if it is the same effect. So, 4 rogues stack poison; the character is only effected by one of the ongoing damages, but must save against each poison effect to get rid of them all.


Healing Potions

For a healing surge, roll the listed amount plus the character's CON roll. Sans a healing surge, just roll the listed amount. You must spend if you can.

Item Bonuses

At all times, all PCs are assumed to have at least an implement, weapon, armor, and NAD defense item bonus of lvl/5. This is for those times when characters are naked.


Minion Damage

Is not a fixed amount. Ever crit with a minion? Just frustrating and it gives minions away too easily if you are trying to hide them. Minions roll damage (either low damage expression or the average die of the listed damage minus a point a two which is then added). So 4 becomes like 1d6+1 or 1d4+2.


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