Dark Legacy

Coiled plans from the past bear fruit in the present

Part One: Evil Stirrings

Adventure One: Orc Slayer

Adventure Two: Speaker in Dreams

  • (02/28/03) Act I: Brindinford
  • (03/16/03) Act II: Those Who Hear
  • (03/20/03) Act III: Hell Unleashed
  • (04/09/03) Act IV: The Power that Lurks

Adventure Three: Harkwood

  • (06/04/03) Act I: Spring Tourney
  • (06/12/03) Act II: Wolves in the Pantry
  • (06/20/03) Act III: The Plot's Afoot
  • (06/30/03) Act IV: Summer Tourney
  • (07/06/03) Act V: The Unmasking

Adventure Four: Eternal Hunger

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