• GREYMERE - located along the mountains bordering Furyundy and Kanday, Greymere is a small kingdom fighting to survive against the Gorgon and the Iron Dwarves.
  • THROAL - The dwarven kingdom of Throal is the largest fragment of the once great dwarven nation that was shattered in the breaking of the world. Since the dwarven nation’s fall many of the dwarven holdfasts have fallen to Horrors, orog raids, and the general decline of the dwarves. The dwarves dream of the day when they will retake their ancient capital of Krûl-Shâdar from the dark abomination that holds it.
  • ZARAK - The kingdom of Zarak was once a part of the unified dwarven kingdom of ancient times which spread across the mountains. Now it is an independent kingdom, and jealously guards that right. Zarak is on friendly terms with Caldor to its south, but is under constant siege from orogs and other denizens of the Underdark.


The dwarves are an ancient race of faerie that foreswore their heritage to gain the ability to work iron. With the help of the god, Moradin, they became mortal and tied to the physical realms of creation.



Dwarfs are grumpy and hard to get along with. They do not make friends easily, but once they do, they tend to be very loyal. Dwarfs are very clannish and distrustful of outsiders. They define the word stubborn. Dwarves are not greedy, as some would say, but they do know the value of their work, and refuse to be cheated. Above all, dwarves love to build and craft.

Physical Description

Dwarves are short and stocky, with heights rarely exceeding 60”, with most averaging 52”’. Their weight is higher then would be expected from their height, due to a dense muscle and bone structure. Dwarves are not buoyant, and do not swim well.

Temperature tolerance falls into the 35° to 145° range.


As a nation, the dwarves get along with most everyone, because they like to trade. Of the civilized races only the goblins compete for the same living space, and goblins tend to follow the course of least resistance, settling with the humans in the lowlands or taking over abandoned dwarven settlements.

The dwarves conduct vigorous trade wherever they can find it and commonly hire themselves out as mercenaries. Most civilized races and even many barbaric ones, recognize the quality and craftsmanship of dwarven work, and desire it more then they desire conflict with the dwarves over a few underground halls of stone.

The dwarfs get along especially well with sylvans and fey, with whom they breed. As a side effect of their transformation to mortals, other faerie have found it much less costly to mate with a dwarf to produce offspring. Male children of these liaisons are dwarfs, while female children are the mother’s faerie race.

The dwarven racial enemy would be the orogs, who refuse to share the Underdark with the dwarves. Their attacks from below have to be constantly guarded against.


Dwarfs tend to be lawful in general, but a given dwarf can run the gamut of alignments. Their preoccupation with crafting and trade often make them neutral as well.


The dwarves settle in mountainous or hilly regions where they can mine the ores they need to craft.


The dwarves often worship the local gods, though they always give worship to their creator god, Moradin.


Dwarves speak Dwarven (Khuzdul) and most are literate with runes.


A dwarf’s name is not his own, it belongs to the clan. It has been used and reused through the generations. If he misuses it or brings shame to it, the clan will strip it from him. One of the greatest honors is earning a new name with which to found a new clan.

Of some amusement to non-dwarves are the whimsical and oft-times nonsensical nicknames their faerie mothers saddle them with until they can earn their own name.


Dwarfs practice all the base classes and have access to another base class: the Troll Slayer. The troll slayer is a dwarf who has been stripped of his name and taken on the troll slayer class to mitigate his crime.


Racial Qualities

  • [0] Attributes: Dwarves are hardy and unyielding, but also gruff, and unfriendly. HT+1, CH-1
  • [0] Size: Dwarves are SM+0 (barely).
  • [5] Secondary Attributes: -1 Move, +2 Wil
  • Dwarves are especially resistant to fire damage; always taking half-damage even on a failed save or against attacks that allow no save. On a successful save, they take no damage.
  • Dwarves are at -2 to ride anything larger then a pony, due to their short legs.
  • Dwarves have a racial -4 to swimming checks to stay afloat.
  • Dwarves take a -2 on Jump checks.
  • [39] Required Advantages: Extended Lifespan 3 [6], Magic Resistance (can use magic) 2 [10], Night vision 5 [5], Resistant to Disease & Poison +3 [8], Temperature Tolerance 5 [10],
  • Suggested Advantages: Absolute Direction [5], Acute Hearing/Taste & Smell/Touch,
  • Disallowed Advantages: Appearance above Attractive, psionic power descriptor,
  • [0] Required Disadvantages:
  • Suggested Disadvantages:
  • Disallowed Disadvantages: Dwarfism, Gigantism

Cultural Qualities

  • Appraise, Craft, and Profession skills are always class skills for them and they receive +2 on any Craft or Appraise check involving stone, metal, or gems.
  • Dwarves have Stonecunning as per the PHB.
  • Dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgoshes as martial weapons.
  • Dwarves have simple weapon proficiency.
  • Dwarves speak Dwarven and are often literate in the runic script.
  • Dwarves also trade with nearby human settlements, making it imperative to know the local human language as well.
  • Dwarves have a barbaric culture.

Bonus Languages

  • Depending on their location Dwarves are commonly exposed to: Goblin, Ivanian, Eastern Lantlean, Underdark, Gnome, Goblin, Orcish, Vos, Theran, Midani, Giantish, Draconic, and Orog.

Favored Class

  • Dwarves favor martial classes, and may choose either Berserker or Fighter as their favored class.



Moradin, Lord of the Forge

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