Eldritch Order Of The Unblinking Eye

The horrible focus of the Order

Gregor Piersson - steward of Grunewald Hunting Lodge and Leader of the cultists *RIP*


"The Eye is upon you!"

Bertoldt Granhof - the simple gardener *RIP*


"You don't never go full retard!"

  • The Doctor - Dr. Stefan Siegar *RIP*
  • The Cook - Karla Wagner *RIP*
  • The Librarian - Otto Geizhals *RIP*
  • The Servants - Gunnar Wetzel, Hanna Dralst, Josef Vacmark, Konrad Voss *RIP*
  • The Coachman - Albrecht Krug <— escaped (just barely) into the woods to continue the vile work of the Eye
  • The Guardsman - Pieter Koch *RIP*


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