Adventure Two: Founding

Act I: Home Sweet Home

Plot Point: Nettles's Crossing

A few days after their victory against the bandits the party heads to Nettle's Crossing and throw the Stag Lord's head into the churning waters. The ghost rises from the waters and takes the head into the watery depths. His magic ranseur washes to shore at the party's feet , a thank you from the ghost.

Plot Point: The Founding of Shadhavar

A few days after their return to Oleg's Lord Arlo arrives with their personal reward for the slaying of the Stag Lord and the charter for the founding of their own kingdom. He stays a few weeks helping them oversee the basics of planning and laying the groundwork for the growth to come. On the 15th of July they hold a ceremony to officially usher in the Kingdom of Shadhavar with Kannith as the de facto ruler. The rest of the month is taken up with preparing the area around Oleg's for the construction of their first settlement, Qilion. As well, they begin building off the existing roads around Oleg's towards the Tuskwater, the Temple of the Elk, and the Sootscale Caverns. It is a busy time with new settlers, craftsmen lent from Restov, and goods and provisions traveling constantly from Restov.

Several leadership roles have to be filled for the fledgling kingdom to succeed and Kannith proves expert at the art of diplomacy, talking Svetlana, Bokken, and Father Jharod into doing their parts. He keenly appoints Akiros to the role of warden and Kesten to general, though each initially desired the other's role. Alex takes over the role of liason between the outside world and Kannith's court. Oleg takes over the role of treasurer, relishing the exercise of authority and expertise. Liezl is installed in the role of marshal, watching the borders and administering justice in the rural regions. Chaucer is installed as the country's grand diplomat, overseeing international relations, a job he quite takes to as well. Over Alex's protests, Kannith installs Auchs as royal executioner.

The first month goes extremely well and though the treasury is drained by over half they have quintupled their population and started on the road to becoming major players.

August - Political Scandal: trouble with Auchs, Kannith starts training him
October - New Vassals: Kobolds swear fealty
December - Outstanding Success: Baker outdoes himself for the new All Hallows Eve festival
March - Political Scandal: Svetlana caught diverting funds from festivities into care for the poor

Act II: Into the Wilds

Session 11 07/04/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley Pathine
Starting 19,755 29,000
Session 270
Earned 264 552
New Total 20,289 20,577 29,270

The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Hexes (CR 1/4): 2
Quests (CR 5):
Awards: CR2, 4, 5x2, 6x2

April 1-7 The Kingdom of Shadhavar (CR 4, 5x2, 6x2)
Reports reach the party of bandits preying on outlying villages and travelers, but the efficient Keston and Leizl solve the problem long before it becomes an issue. Of more concern is the recent feud that has broken out between two families over the breeding of a pig. The matter is brought before Kanith and he solves it fairly enough that both sides simmer down and the matter is put to rest.

With spring here and the snows gone, Kanith is chaffing to be out exploring and adventuring again. Plans are made to leave once matters at court can be wrapped up. Rumors have reached their ears that strange things are afoot in the west. The more far-fetched, such as the Stag Lord's ghost gathering an army of ghostly bandits, they dismiss out of hand. The ones that speak of a Swamp Witch intrigue Kanith. Some say she can be reasoned with, while others claim she cooks children and consorts with demons. Tales of a green dragon loose in the forest, a mad cannibal hermit, and a strange magical tower that is a portal between worlds also intrigue him, as do those of an ancient elven ruin and drunken hill giants roaming the land.

Of more pressing concern is a rising panic at tales of trolls terrorizing the western edges of the Greenbelt, and sightings as far east as the Tuskwater. So far faith in the rulers of Shadhavar have kept panic from affecting the day-to-day operations of the kingdom, but something will need to be done before it does….

April 8
Kiley and Kanith ride out of Qinlin, traveling along their new kingdom's roadways and arrive at the bridge across the Thorn River. They spend the night at a homesteader's ranch. He is a widower but has a lovely 17 year old daughter, Lily, who is smitten with Kanith and flirts with him incessantly. Rancher Teskertin tells Kanith he would appreciate if Kanith would deflower the young lass, making her a less attractive target for all the satyrs and other lascivious fairie critters running about these parts. He also relates how his wife ran off with some fey critter in the river and drowned.

Kiley shoots Kanith a look to kill when he hesitates in refusing the eerily similar offer she had heard him talk about from his adventurers prior to her arrival. Although given separate accommodations, Kiley makes sure to stealth into Kanith's room that evening. Good thing too, as they hear soft, hesitant, footsteps in the hall, but when Kanith goes to investigate, they flee.

April 9 (CR 2)
Kanith gives the rancher 25g as a gift to purchase his daughter a cold-iron necklace, "to ward off the fey", before taking their leave. Though their goal is to investigate the rumors of the Swamp Witch, who is said to live along the shores of the Tuskwater Lake, they decide to explore a bit of the forest before making their way to the lake.

Travel through the hilly terrain goes smoothly and it is afternoon when they begin to push into unknown territory under the forest canopy of the Narlmarches. Approaching the Skunk River they hear shouting and the panicked screams of horses. Investigating they find a band of gnomes. One of their wagons and two ponies are mired in the river. The wagon seems about to be swept downstream and the ponies dragged with it.

Kanith urges Max into the water and tries to cut the ponies free, but he is unable to calm them and one slips downriver. Kiley quickly fashions her rope into a lasso and tries to save the pony but instead catches a heavy log in the water and has to cut her rope in half to salvage any of it. Kanith dismounts and, for several moments, tries fruitlessly to calm the remaining horse. Before the wagon is lost as well, he cuts it free, sacrificing it. Kiley has swum out to the other horse, but is also unable to save it. She barely manages to get clear of the panicked animal as it goes down for the final time.

Kanith ties Max to the wagon and pushes his hardest, miraculously freeing the wagon just before it is lost. The gnomes are happy their wagon was saved, but mourn the loss of their animals. Their leader introduces himself: Jubilost Narthropple, Pathfinder Society explorer extraordinaire! They gnomes look beat up and explain that a group of kobolds just attacked them while they were setting up their base camp. Though the kobolds were driven off, the attack spooked the ponies who, still attached to the wagon, fled into the river, becoming mired. Kiley, after examining the battlefield, is relieved to note that it appears the kobolds who attacked the camp were not part of the Sootscale tribe.

Narthropple is thankful for the party's aid and invites them to spend the night at the camp and join them for dinner, which the party agrees to. Narthropple seems precoccupied with his maps and otherwise ignores them. The other gnomes, however are very grateful and share some of their stories of exploration and travel in the Greenbelt.

April 10 (Hex)
In the morning Narthropple offers to sell the party some of his maps showing sites of interest if they are willing to share some of the secrets of their explorations. They decline and take their leave. They spend the day exploring the area and choose not to return to the gnomish base camp and instead camp out on their own.

April 11
In the morning they head towards the Tuskwater, to investigate the Swamp Witch. Along the way Kanith hunts up 3 days of rations. They are unable to finish explorations and camp out.

April 12 (Hex)
During their explorations they come across a simple mud hut with a fenced-in yard and a pumpkin-headed scarecrow. Thinking this might be the witch's place, they ring the bell set near the gate. A hideous woman, who looks more hag-like than human, yells out to them from her window, seeking what they want. She seems unable to hear Kanith and does most of her communications with Kiley. They are unable to impress the cantankerous hag and are left standing at the gate. They choose to walk away and continue their explorations, though Kanith is sorely tempted to attack the potentially evil witch.

Session 12 07/07/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley Pathine
Session 3720
Earned 576 408 0
New Total 24,585 24,705 32,990

The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Hexes (CR 1/4): 3
Quests (CR 5): 1
Awards: CR 1/3 x12, 1x4, 2x11, 4x2, 6

April 13
Discussing their options and desire to explore the ruined tower out in the middle of Candlemere Lake, they decide they'll need a boat. Knowing that the old Stag Lord's Keep has become a hub for local fishers and trappers, they decide to travel there. Arriving mid-afternoon, they find the place a small hub of activity, with a few merchants and ale-sellers there, as well as a small tent city to provide shelter. Almost immediately they hear mocking laughter directed at a local lumberjack from his companions. His claims that he saw, and stuck his spear into, the mythical hodag of the Narlmarches is met with derision. His fellow lumberjacks claim he just dropped his magic spear in the river, clumsy as he is. Stas, the lumberjack, tells the party they can have the magic spear if they can just find it in the hodag and return proof that he did see, and stick, it.

When the party bellies up to the bar for a drink the local innkeeper asks if they are here to track down the Tannerson boy, Tig. Seems his family was down this way and the boy got lost, as he is wont to do. The family had already headed back to Qilin for help just yesterday, so the man is mightily impressed at the fast response time of none other than the lord himself!

Asking about the boat situation they are told to talk to Arvin, a local fisherman who seems to be in town a lot grousing about losing his favorite fishing hole to some beast. Talking to Arvin, he tells them about the legendary Crackjaw, a huge hookjaw turtle, that recently took over his secret fishing hole as its home. He tells them how to find the secret spot, and promises them a magic ring he found in the gullet of a pike, if they'll kill or drive the monster off.

Anxious to be off looking for the boy, the party leaves town that very day, heading out along the southside of the lake.

April 14 (Hex; CR 2, 4)
They explore the area along the way to Crackjaw's pool (100exp). Late in the afternoon they wend their way down the secret path to a secluded grotto off the lake. Kanith begins tossing rocks into the pool to attract the monster's attention, and soon they see something underwater headed their way. Kanith waits back from the water's edge while Kiley steps up to the edge. Crackjaw bursts from the water next to her and she manages to hit the hard-shelled critter, to little effect.

Attacking from the water, Crackjaw has the advantage of concealment, causing several telling blows to miss him. The party withdraws back from the shore, among the rocks, drawing the beast forward. Its powerful, snapping jaws, are unable to connect, but they realize how painful it would be should it. Kanith lays a mighty blow on the beast, flames and sparks bursting from Nix's Bane, his bastard sword and the beast finally turns on him, snapping at his sword to sunder it! This exposes it to Kiley's precision strikes and it is soon defeated. A search of the area turns up little more than the booted foot of a druid. (1800exp)

April 15 (Quest)
Not having found the boy here they return to the Keep where Arvin awards them the ring he was assured by the Swamp Witch is magical and not cursed (1600exp). Arvin, overhearing their stated desire to clear up any more threats to the general peace, mentions the threat posed by Howl-of-the-North-Wind, a warg who prowls the Kamelands, and how his, and his packs, defeat would go a long way to increasing order in the Greenbelt. Again, the party sets out, this time due south, away from the lake and into the Kamelands, thinking to track the warg and his pack.

April 16 (hex; CR 1x4, 2)
The party explores the highland area between the Shrike and Gundrin rivers (100exp). That evening, they hear the cries of wolves, and about the time they are readying for sleep, a large pack, lead by an even larger worg, assault them. The wolves are little match for the experienced pair, but do manage to pull Cinnamon down and savage her a bit. They are quickly dispatched, with only one escaping.

April 17
Continuing south, they spend a little time hunting and looking towards the Gundrin river, west of them. Both spot a place on the river that would be a natural ford.

April 18 (hex; CR 1/3 x12, 2x9, 4, 6)
They explore this desolate stretch of hilly land, the very edge of the region granted to them by the Lords of Restov. Late in the day they come across a cairn, breached by time and enter the Lonely Barrow. They slip past a room teeming with bats and in the next room, Kiley stops Kannith from crossing a magically warded area as he steps forward to check the skeleton of a previous explorer. She is able to bypass the magical trap and they recover a tarnished copper ring. In each of the two smaller chambers off the trapped room they fight a half-dozen skeletal remnants of warriors interred here, easily dispatching them.

In the final burial chamber they find the Lonely Warrior, interred here centuries ago and risen to reclaim the sword his brother took from him, now broken, Glamour Breaker. Kanith, not recognizing the cairn wight before him, challenges the horror to single combat. The battle goes poorly for Kanith. The wight is a wily opponent, whose deadly hits sap the energy from the living, in turn empowering him. Kanith is finally overcome, but Kiley leaps in to use her magic wand to heal him. The wight quickly turns on her. Only the armor and combat experience of the two keeps the wight from overcoming them. Kiley drained in the encounter, is dropped but stabilizes. Kanith finally manages to kill the beast, surviving several rounds barely clinging to life himself.

Several hours later Kiley regains consciousness but is still too weak to move. Kanith has set up camp outside the cave and is still in bad shape himself. Neither had thought to pack any medical supplies or potions, aside from the wand that only Kiley can use, and not in her weakened state without further threatening her life. That's when they hear the cries of an even larger wolf pack approaching.

Kiley chances using the wand, but the magic is too much in her weakened state and she goes unconscious again, even more wounded than she was, but manages to stabilize. Kanith carries her to the cairn and sets Cinnamon, who will not enter it, outside to guard the entrance, while he and Max stand against the wolves. Weakened as he is, he is overcome, but before any wolves can savage him, Max steps over his body to protect him.

Kanith and Kiley wake up an hour later, the horses licking their faces. It is a scene of carnage, with the hoof stomped bodies of wolves strewn about haphazardly. Max is a bloody mess, almost overcome by the wolves himself, while Cinnamon sports a few gashes herself.

April 19
The party feels a bit refreshed the next morning. Kannith has totally recovered from the chill touch of the wight, but Kiley has not. The party's next move is discussed.

Session 13 07/08/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley Pathine
Session 1070
Earned 1216 960 0
New Total 26,871 26,735 34,060

The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Hexes (CR 1/4):
Quests (CR 5): 1
Awards: CR 5

GM Note: During this session, when the party returned to Qilin, we went back and played out 175 days of downtime. The party spent most of the time earning Capital, gold to make more Capital, and making plans to build themselves a mansion or castle. Pretty cool system that is self-rewarding enough to encourage its use. Both characters ended up having large amounts of Capital they were able to use to pay for retraining and Kiley's restorations.

It is decided (by Kanith) that Kiley is too weakened to continue without aid. Plans are made to return to the Keep and send home for restoration magics to cure her soul damage while they continue looking for the lost boy. They make a forced march to the former Stag Lord's Keep. Everyone there oohs and ahhs over the pelt of Howls-of-the-North-Wind and the broken Glamour Breaker. Tig Tannerson, the lost boy, has been returned to the keep by Arven, who found him wandering the northern shoreline. It is decided that instead of sending for healing, they will take Tig home.

April 20 (CR 5)
They travel quickly towards home and around evening cross into Shadhavar. They find the Teskertin farmstead a burned out ruin. Searching around they find a new grave next to an older one. There are no signs of survivors. The barn still stands so they decide to camp out there. Up in the loft they find the half-eaten remains of a unlucky traveler, probably an arcane caster from the few bits of treasure they recover.

That evening Max stirs, waking Kanith. They hear something on the roof, trying to be quiet, but failing. He wakes Kiley and commands his sword to burst into flames. Discovered, the creature, a manticore, leaps down outside and sprays the inside of the barn with spikes fired as hard as crossbow bolts from its tail. Kiley attempts to leap down from the loft, but trips and falls, cursing the darkness and shadows. Kanith, wisely, decides to use the ladder, and slides quickly down it.

The manticore fires another burst and takes to the air. Kanith cautions Kiley about going outside as she is about to charge out, fearing that the creature will just pick them off from afar. They wait, cursing themselves for forgetting or losing their ranged weapons. The beast tries to flank them and burst in through the loft door above and behind them, where Tig is shouting out encouragement, but the door proves too tough and the manticore is sent sprawling to the ground. Kanith and Kiley run out and around the barn in an attempt to catch the beast while it is grounded.

It fires off more tail spikes as it stands then eagerly enters combat. This proves foolish as the pair expertly flank the creature and swiftly crush it. Kanith takes the head, which Tig approves of.

April 21
The party arrives in Qilin that evening. Svetlana is distraught at Kiley's pallor and heads off to make a stew. The Tannersons are grateful for Tig's return. Arrangements are made for Kiley's restorations.

April 22-May 6 (Quest)
It is decided to sell Glamour Breaker and the pair find just the right buyer, getting top dollar for their prize. The rings they returned with are identified as featherfalling and sustenance. Kiley keeps the former, Kanith the latter. The healer arrives and performs the first of the restorations. It will be a week before another can be given. Kanith and Kiley spend the free time they have earning Capital. Lily Teskertin arrives in the city and seeks an audience with Kanith. Orphaned and with no family to turn to, she begs to be allowed into his household, an arrangement Kanith agrees to, but which Kiley dislikes. Tales of their killing of Howls-of-the-North-Wind have spread, and they have both received Capital as thanks from their subjects.

May 7-13 The Kingdom of Shadhavar
With Kiley healed, they get down to the business of court and ruling their little kingdom. Kanith insists they spend more on holidays this month at Svetlana's behest over Kiley's objections. An herbalist sets up shop in their fledgeling town. More lands are claimed and cleared, and like all prior lands, roads are constructed. Reports of trolls terrorizing the west continue to filter in, causing some unrest.

During the tourney, planned by Svetlana last month, a minor celebrity arrives….the Swan Knight! Tulkas has come looking for Kiley after learning, from Daedric, that she was actually still alive. They meet in secret. Tulkas tells the girl of the sorry state of affairs in Kanday and the unchecked evil her Uncle is up to. She explains her position here and the future plans to return to deal with her Uncle "soon". Tulkas pledges his sword to her when she does.

Lily, "innocently", spills the fact of their secret meeting to Kanith. He is suspicious and distrustful of the Elf Lord and Kiley does little to assuage his feelings of betrayal. Lily makes it known her desire to marry Kanith and rule as his queen. They put a pin in that for now. She also expresses her fondness of elven art and that she has heard of a ruined elven stronghold in the westernmost Narlmarches. She offers up her father's magic cloak and a kiss (perhaps more…) for such an item.

Kanith enters the tourney but does poorly. Tulkas takes first prize, all of which are overly generous, a fact that puts their little colony in the red for the month. The popularity of the tourney does generate a small amount of income for the town though, hardly making up for the potential loss of tax revenue, sadly.

Rumors continue about the green dragon, though most level-headed persons agree it is probably "just" a forest drake. Still dangerous, and rampaging, though, so it needs handling. A local alchemist asks the party to return him some troll blood if they can for experimentation. His promise of healing potions puts the request high on Kanith's list. Bokken, not to be outdone by this upstart potion-maker, asks them to retrieve some shambling mound sap so he too, can brew more healing potions.

Session 14 07/10/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session 2,000
Earned 544 704
New Total 29,415 29,439

The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Hexes (CR 1/4):
Quests (CR 5):
Awards: CR 4, 6x2

GM Note: Forgot some events back in late April, so this sessions details them.

April 30
A barmaid, named Saki, was slain after leaving work last night, while collecting berries. Kanith is informed by Akiros. And the party, after calling for a physician to accompany them, goes to look at the body which has been brought to town by a farmer who spotted the it. The wounds show a Medium sized wolf or worg savaged and fed on the girl. Kanith places a bounty to encourage the hunting of the beast.

May 1 (CR 4)
Last night a young shepard boy, named Brevan, was slain, along with six of his flock as he returned to home in the evening. In addition, another half-dozen sheep in nearby farms have also been killed. The party heads out to the family's farm to investigate. Again, the body appears savaged and fed on. Casting about, they discover wolf tracks which they follow to a nearby copse of trees. They do not find the beast nearby and no wolf tracks leave the site, but a set of barefoot human prints do! And they head straight into town!

The party asks around if anyone has spotted anything unusual, but are unable to discover anything. They suspect a werewolf, and rumors flying around town do as well. Kanith declares a curfew and sets guards on the rooftops, armed with ranged weapons. He and Kiley patrol the streets as well. A merchant, late on the road, arrives in town with his wagon. Kanith moves to arrest the man for breaking the curfew but spots a hunched figure quickly closing on the man. Kiley has spotted this movement as well.

Kanith manages to charge the hybrid-form werewolf before it can leap on the unfortunate merchant. It is a savage creature wielding a magic greataxe while it berserks. The pair and their mounts put the creature down without too much bother and it is a revealed to be an Ivanian tribesman. He attempts to gurgle some words in response to Kanith's questions, but Kiley tells him to finish the afflicted creature as it is untamable.

They discover that the tribesman, named Kundal, had recently come to town and spent most of his time drinking or locked in his room. Searching the room they discover the severed ear of a girl, earring still attached. The innkeeper recognizes it as Saki's, the first girl slain.

May 14
They head towards the Keep once again, stopping with some homesteaders on the edge of their kingdom who are happy to put them up and feed them.

May 15
They arrive at the Keep. It is very quiet, only a couple trappers are there, as well as Arvin, who they hire to take them to Candlemere Isle.

May 16
The rowboat travels fairly slowly and they decide to pull ashore and go talk to the Swamp Witch again. It goes poorly once again and they are forced to camp out in the marsh.

May 17
In the morning they return to the boat where Arvin is catching them all breakfast. They decide they don't want to explore Candlemere at night, so camp on the lake shore again.

May 18 (CR 6x2)
Arvin is not keen on waiting for them on the island and plans are made for signaling him to return with the boat. The party sets off through the heavy bracken and brambles towards the crumbling ruined tower they can see a couple miles away. It takes them about two hours and in that time Kiley has become sickened from the stinging nettles.

The tower is of an unfamiliar architectural style of an indeterminate age. Only 40' remains of it. As the pair approaches it, a feeling of dread and watchfulness settles over them. Kanith cannot shake the feeling, but Kiley manages to ignore the worst effects. Searching about they find some of the stones have a strange script etched on them. Kiley, sick as she is cannot concentrate and it is decided to wait until she recovers so she can study them properly.

Just before noon a will-of-the-wisp appears and attacks them. They manage to kill it, but it is a difficult fight, not made easier by the tower's aura, Kiley's sickened condition, the wisp's natural invisibility, and its electrical touch. Despite warning signs, the pair decides to stay and about an hour later another wisp lays into them. This fight is even more dangerous, and the pair realize that should more appear they will be in trouble, so they decide to forgo their explorations and head to shore.

An hour from shore they are attacked by another, and though the tower's aura is no longer strengthening the wisp, it proves too much for them and they are overcome. Kiley awakens an hour later, badly injured and sees two wisps feeding off their dying auras. The wisps seem content to let nature take its course if she doesn't interfere with magical healing. She drags Kanith to shore, the young knight slipping closer and closer to death. Arvin is nearby and the wisps, curious, investigate him, but do not attack.

They load Kanith in the boat with the wisps following them, joined now by a third. Kiley can see that Kanith needs a miracle to pull through and pulls her wand and attempts to use it on him, drawing a frenzy of attacks on her already weakened self. Inspired by her love and self-sacrifice, the healing is successful but she is killed. Bored the wisps drift off back towards the tower and its menacing aura.

Kanith awakens to find Kiley's dead body draped over him. Arvin is in shock. Kiley has a vision of the Raven Queen, who offers her the chance to be reborn as her champion against the insidious forces acting to pull this part of Creation into the First World. Though raised in the faith of the Light, she accepts and awakens to Kanith's shock and relief. He praises the Light, but it has had no part in this.

May 19-20
The party returns to the Keep and rests up. The Tannersons have moved to the Keep on a permanent basis and once again Tig has gotten lost. Mr. Tannerson has turned the shell of Crackjaw into a +1 heavy shield, but Kanith does not care for its rustic, natural look.

Session 15 07/12/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session 4370
Earned 1,184 832
New Total 34,969 34,641

The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Hexes (CR 1/4): 3
Quests (CR 5): 2
Award CR: 2x8, 3x3, 6

May 21 (CR 2x3)
Kanith has sent word for Chaucer to join them but he has not arrived yet. They decide to strike out into the forest and begin meticulous explorations in an attempt to discover the source of the troll threat. They avoid Narthropple's camp, as Kanith does not like the gnome.

That night they are awoken by a trio of angry boars who charge to the attack. The party has begun to notice how aggressive and hostile the native fauna is.

May 22 (hex; CR 3x3)
As they approach the Skunk River, they come on a standoff between some loggers led by a ranger named Corax and a nixie, Melianse, whose area they have invaded. It is a tense situation, with the nixie having charmed two of the loggers to fight for her. Kanith intimidates Corax into backing down but they are unable to calm the nixie, who begans attacking. Kanith manages to get Corax to withdraw from the fight and the party calms the nixie as best they can. She returns one of her loggers, but the other she pulls into the water as a hostage for the party's successful completion of replacing the five trees the loggers cut down. She tells the party there is a dryad that lives nearby who may be able to help. Corax is very unhappy about this and the loss of face, but acquiesces when promised remuneration by Shadhavar.

They finish exploring the area. In the early afternoon, Kiley hears the sounds of an odd looking wolf pup who appears injured. She thinks it might be a test from the dryad and insists they look after it, even though she realizes it is not actually injured. They give it some food and it moves off after trying to get them to take it along.

That night the bargest attacks them, the horses giving warning just in time. Kanith drives it off, surprised at all its strange powers and feels it will probably return when it can. Returning to sleep they are later attacked by a trio of bears, who maul Kiley badly before being killed.

May 23
Kiley has been badly injured and must rest.

May 24 (hex)
The party searches the woods for the dryad grove, finding it late in the afternoon. The dryad and her consort ask for help against a wicked scythe tree that has moved into the area and seems unstoppable. As reward she promises the trees needed for Melianse and more…

The party spends the night in the grove, fending off the sexual advances of the fey creatures. A boar snuffles about after dark, but the dryad druid talks it out of attacking. She too mentions how the nature of the woods has changed in recent months, seeming darker and more hostile.

May 25 (hex; CR 2x5, 6)
The party travels to the Blighted Hollow, home of the scythe tree they are to kill. It attempts to keep Kanith away with its long reach but opens itself to Kiley's attacks in the meanwhile. Kanith finally manages to get close and they quickly finish the powerful foe.

Mostly unharmed they proceed to explore the area. They wander into the hunting grounds of some five taztl wyrms who are dispatched with aplomb.

May 26 (quest)
They return to the dryad who has heard of their deed and rewards them. They again spend the night fending off the advances of their hosts. Tiressia promises to watch the woods for other dangers and warn their kingdom of them (+2 kingdom stability).

May 27 (quest)
They return to the river and hand over the feather tokens they received from Tiressia to Melianse who releases her, very heartbroken, captive. She is thankful and promises to watch the rivers and waterways for dangers to their kingdom (+2 kingdom stability).

Session 16 07/15/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session 535
Earned 1,408 1,408
New Total 36,912 36,584

The cast of characters

Hexes: CR 1/4 x 0
Quests: CR 5 x 0
Awards CR: 5

The party takes their leave of the nixie and start the journey home, not feeling confident with their healing resources so drained. They ride for a couple hours before making camp.

May 28
They make it to the edge of Shadhavar today and spend the night among their people. Kiley feels the first stirrings of the divine within her.

They travel out of the Kamelands, again spending the night with homesteaders.

May 30
Around mid-morning they arrive in Qilin. Happy to be home they freshen up and begin wheeling and dealing. Akiros reports to Kanith that the day after they left town a stranger arrived and begin talking out against them and their leadership. This bard, Grigori by name, has built up quite a following. Fearing unrest they have put off dealing with him until the party returned.

Kiley has already learned of the interloper and seeks him out in the early evening where he is inciting a crowd. Although she pulled up the hood of her cloak as a disguise, she is quickly recognized and called out by the demagogue. Confronting him and appealing to the crowd she is almost able to sway them, but the wily orator manages to turn enough of the crowd that he maintains his tenuous hold on the people.

That evening, Kanith goes to see the man alone at his inn. They have wine and begin the duel of wits. Grigori hints around taking a bribe to leave, but Kanith does him one better and offers him a position at court, that of Magister. Grigori cannot conceal his unbridled excitement and greed for the position, nor his utter contempt for Kanith at offering it. Kanith realizes he may have made a mistake and tries to backpedal a bit. Little else is resolved.

June 1-21 (Downtime)
Grigori is tasked with spending time with Bokken to "learn the ropes" of his new office as a delaying tactic to buy time.

Kiley continues her conversion to a divine agent. Kanith works to broker a deal with the elves for a flaming, laen, sword for Kiley, both as a gift and as a practical matter of troll slaying. Nearly all his cash is spent, but the blade is nothing short of breathtaking when it arrives. Kiley is pleased.

Lily tries her hardest to seduce Kanith, but is rebuffed. Kanith asks her to spy on Grigori to see if she can get some leverage against him for when Kanith's stalling action is discovered.

Kanith writes Cassie a letter. Kesten hits on Kiley and is rebuffed. He then hits on Lily, who, Kiley fears, might entrap the man into doing something foolish to help her realize her goal of marrying Kanith. Auchs spends as much time as allowed with Kanith playing toy soldiers. Lily seems to have a special rapport with him. Chaucer returns from his travels. Akiros is still moody and withdrawn, though less prone to bitter rages. Chaucer reports that there might be trouble coming for Akiros, as he is still wanted for the murders he committed in Furyundy. Oleg and Svetlana keep to themselves, busy with their business and helping out around the town. Little is seen of Bokken, Leizl, or Jharod.

June 22-29 (The Kingdom of Shadhavar: No Event; CR 5)
Things are looking up. The kingdom is stable, happy, and productive. They have expanded to the Tuskwater finally and begun preparations to found a new settlement along the lake at the former site of the Stag Lord's Keep. Grigori is incensed at the trickery when he isn't given the promised position and takes to the streets to incite the people. Lily has dug up enough dirt on Grigori that Kanith feels confident in arresting him, but holds off to allow Kiley another chance to discredit the man in front of the populace. Kiley, with Kanith and a few guards there to make an arrest should things not work out in their favor, confronts him once again and manages to discredit Grigori. Kanith has him arrested anyways. Grigori asks to see Kanith and tells him that he is just a pawn, sent here to weaken the little kingdom by unknown parties, and begs for his life and freedom. Kanith exiles him (CR 5)

Last month's treasury fiasco is forgotten with the massive influx of capital they take in. Corax shows up and promises are made to construct sawmills next month and put him in charge for his cooperation in defusing the nixie situation.

Panic is spreading over confirmed reports of trolls acting in concert to kill travelers, settlers and settlements (+2 unrest)

June 30 -July 7 (Downtime)
Kiley spends time studying at the town's new library, retraining some skills, and wheeling and dealing for the materials to build a domicile. Kanith continues to network, trying to leverage as much capital as he can with the elves of Tuarhievel and other mages.

Bokken wants to know where his replacement went as he is tired of spending so much time in civilization and the constant haranguing of the commoners. Kanith cannot get him to understand it was just pretend.

Kanith proposes to Kiley, much to Lily's chagrin. Plans are made to celebrate the wedding on Founder's Day, July 15th. Chaucer kindly refuses the offer of Lily's hand, leaving the reward for her service still up in the air.

Session 17 07/20/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session 2545
Earned 768 736
New Total 40,225 39,865

The cast of characters

Hexes: CR 1/4 x 3
Quests CR 5 x 1
Awards CR: 1x4, 2x3, 6

July 8-15 (The Kingdom of Shadhavar) (Quest, Kingdom Reward (CR 6))
Finally the Sootscale officially join Shadhavar. Their leader promises to serve loyally and faithfully, until such a time as they show weakness, then promises to kill and replace them. Kanith seems satisfied by this. The new settlement of Camberlyn is founded on the shores of the Tuskwater, where the old Stag Lord's Keep had been. The kingdom has grown to an impressive size, and their efforts have made them more experienced (CR 6). Plans to move the capital to Camberlyn are put on hold until the threat of the trolls and other factors in the kingdoms unrest are dealt with.

It is a month of festivals with 2/3rds of the month taken in celebrations of Founding Day and the wedding of Kanith and Kiley. On the 15th, they are officially married under the auspices of the Old Gods for Kanith, and the Old Ways for Kiley's new goddess (Quest).

July 16
The newlyweds take a day to relax and prepare for their honeymoon exploring the wilds.

July 17
They depart Qilin, with Chaucer, to continue their explorations. They arrive in the rugged Kamelands and spend the night with an overjoyed homesteader and his family.

July 18
They cross the bridge near the old Teskertin place, again spending the night at a settler's home.

July 19
They make their way to Narthropple's base camp, at Kiley's insistence, but he is not there and the other gnomes don't give up much information as to his whereabouts, nor activities.

July 20
They wander through the heart of the Narlmarches, the area Melianse protects, but she does not make an appearance.

July 21
Late in the morning they arrive at Tiressia's Grove, where Falchos, her satyr consort greets them, she not being there. They decide to spend the day frolicking at the grove, and when Tiressia returns late in the day, there is much rejoicing and happiness for the newlyweds. Kanith and Kiley are given a private bower, shielded with a curtain of vines and lit with the soft glow of hundred of fireflies, to spend the night as they will. Chaucer and the others have an interesting night as well, one the bard will compose songs of for many years to come.

July 22
They continue into the forest arriving in an area they have not yet explored. Chaucer is in fine spirits and seems energized. Kanith hunts and is very successful. Kiley tries to find a good vantage point to check the way forward towards their next direction of travel, but cannot get a good view.

July 23 (hex; CR 2)
They set about exploring. Midday they stumble on the lair of a brush thylacine, who in keeping with the latest savagery of the wilds, attacks them. It is a short and very one-sided battle (CR 2).

July 24
They push on through the forest into virgin territory.

July 25 (hex; CR 1x4, 2x2)
They explore this new area (hex) but mid-afternoon stumble into a web shrouded area where four giant spiders attack them. Even with the home-field advantage, the spiders are quickly destroyed. Kanith attempts to burn out the webs, but is unable to reach the ones in the treetops.

Early in the evening they spot a ruined castle along the river, hidden by overgrown tress, hanging vines, and moss. Kiley and Chaucer recognize the ancient elven architecture. As they enter the ruined gate, Kanith stumbles on a tripwire which releases the portcullis with sudden fury. A lesser man might have been killed, but he manages to twist and is only pinned by the falling portcullis. Kiley is able to use their gear to leverage Max's strength which allows them to get Kanith free.

Continuing their explorations they enter and search one of the four outer wall towers which seems to be a midden. An incredible volume of rats pour forth from the walls, swarming them. During the rat battle, Chaucer retreats outside the tower and is attacked by a strange fae creature of blinding speed. Once they are able to collect themselves, Kanith and Kiley make short work of the rats. Chaucer, struck by the sword of the creature, mentions not feeling well, then suddenly collapses unconscious. Poisoned perhaps.

They attempt to brace for the supernaturally quick attacks by the mad fae, but it continues to harry them, to Kanith's mounting frustration. They take Chaucer outside and drape him over Max, then once more venture inside. The fae shatters its sword against Kanith's armor, much to Kanith's amusement. They kick in the ramshackle, but recently built, door of the next tower. Inside is what can only be the home of the annoying fae, what with the child-sized furniture and bloody scalps nailed to the walls. Stepping inside they shut the door to keep it out. Kanith removes some of the scalps and destroys them, taunting the creature. Searching around, they find the creature's treasure of gems and coin in a hidden clay jar. Outside, and frustrated, It goes after Chaucer's rapier, then him and the horses. This brings the party back outside quickly.

The hit & run attacks continue. Kanith's mounting frustration culminate in him mounting Max and riding off. Kiley is left to gather Cinnamon and Chaucer's horse while being attacked. Fortunately her uncanny ability to dodge before her senses even tell her she is in danger protect her from the worse of the fae's assault, and she too is able to ride away.

They set up camp a short ride away from the castle, and Chaucer regains consciousness after a few hours. A long evening of attempts on their lives begins. The quickling cannot bypass Kanith's armor, even with surprise, nor is it able to kill Kiley in her sleep with her uncanny reflexes. It does manage to badly wound Chaucer's horse, which Kiley heals with her wands, but is unable to do any real damage.

Session 18 07/26/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session 5110
Earned 768 640
New Total 46,103 45,615

The cast of characters

Hexes: CR 1/4 x 3
Quests CR 5 x 1
Awards CR: 2, 3, 4x2, 5x3,6x2

July 26 (Cr 3, 4, 5x2, 6x2)
Last night's attacks have kept the party (save Kanith with his magic ring) from getting a good rest. It is decided to trudge back to the keep on foot and continue clearing it out. Kanith suggests that Chaucer stays back at camp, him being not really up to where Kanith considers "combat-ready". Chaucer points out that should the fae come back he would be dead anyways, so Kanith allows him to come. Chaucer borrows Kiley's +1 shortsword, as his rapier is in the hands of the quickling.

Thanks to the party's efforts at raising the portcullis, the trap has been reset, but Kiley manages to disable it after a few close-calls (CR 4). The next tower they search appears collapsed and ruined, but they turn up as beautiful mithril statuette of an elven bard after searching it diligently…Chaucer thinks it might be just what Lilly Teskertin wanted.

They push through the bracken towards the next outer tower, being exceedingly slow and methodical, checking every step for traps. Kiley and Chaucer both note that the vines shielding the door of the tower they are approaching move against the wind…an assassin vine!

As they leap forward to burn and hack at it, another fae, a grimstalker, drops behind Kanith, flanking him! Chaucer, standing back looosing arrow after arrow into the plant, is suddenly stabbed in the back by the quickling fae, who shouts a warning to the new fae that he should not get so close to Kanith as he is very very dangerous. The grimstalker merely grunts at the quickling sneeringly. Chaucer is dropped, as they had forgotten to heal his wounds from yesterday, and the quickling grabs his sword as well! Kiley moves away to circle around to heal him. The quickling takes that opportunity to flank Kanith, but is in turn flanked by Kiley…she misses him and he runs away.

Kanith and the grimstalker begin a duel while Kiley and the quickling do the same. Only Kanith's battle is decisive…he smashing the grimstalker dead. The quickling retreats shouting that they will not have it so easy against his mistress, The Dancing Lady. This worries Kanith as he suspects the area is haunted and this "lady" is some kind of horrific undead.

Searching the quarters of the grimstalker, they turn up some decent treasure. They then turn towards the central tower. Kiley had already discerned the presence of a trap of some sort during the battle and after examining it more figures out that it is set to drop a fragile vial of some kind of gas. She disarms the trap and recovers the vial, which she throws into the quickling's quarters. It spreads out fast, filling the quarters and then some, leaving the party just enough time to fall back.

They ascend the tower where they find an enchantingly beautiful room, like a floating glad amidst a forest. Within, a hauntingly beautiful elven woman, dressed in white, awaits them. The party holds back and attempts to parley, but when she begins to dance they are all captivated, save for Chaucer, whose bardic training allows him to resist the baobhan sith. Before she can move forward and suck the blood and vitality of any of them, he begins to orate, in an attempt to distract them from her sinuous movements. Kanith and Kiley are snapped out of their fascination. Kanith moves up and attacks her.

With a piteous expression she begs a favor, that he adjourn to the forest nearby and pick her some flowers. He cannot help but acquiesce. Kiley moves to the attack but misses. Before Kanith can follow her suggestion and leave the battle, Chaucer shifts to using his countersong in an attempt to break the fae's spell, and succeeds!

It is but a short time later that she falls to Kanith and Kiley's assault, but not before Chaucer is attacked by the quickling as he attempts to block the stairs down. Kanith takes her head.

He offers to parley with the quickling who accepts the baobhan sith and grimstalker's heads in place of the scalps Kanith destroyed. In addition, Kanith agrees to leave the castle to the quickling along with a life-sized nude elven female statue they had found, in exchange for a truce and the return of Chaucer's rapier. Kiley is displeased, as he still has her +1 shortsword, but the deal is made!

It being early in the day, they travel to the next area (B3)

July 27 (hex)
Kiley wakes up feeling sick from the filth fever she contracted from the rat swarms. Explore B3 (hex).

July 28
Chaucer has begun to show signs of filth fever. Travel to B2.

July 29 (hex)
Explore B2 (hex). Kiley has thrown off the fever, but Chaucer appears sicker than ever. There is concern that he will not survive and it is decided to head for Camberlyn to get him healing.

July 30
Party travels.

August 1
Party travels more.

August 2
Party arrives at Narthropple's camp in the late afternoon. The gnomes are willing to sell them a healing kit which Kiley is more than capable of using to help Chaucer.

August 3
Kiley spends the day tending Chaucer as well as talking to Narthropple. She trades the location of the hidden barrow for that of the lair of the hodag, which they had missed in their explorations. Kanith's prayers and fasting have paid off and he retrains a level of Fighter as Paladin.

August 4
Kiley has continued her ministrations and Chaucer has had a full recovery. Kanith wants to stay one more day, to retain yet another level.

August 5
Party hanging around the gnome camp. Kiley spends soem time retraining to Inquisitor.

August 6 (Cr 4)
Party leaves to roust the hodag. Along the way they encounter a hydra! A vile opponent, but no real match for the party. It is quickly dispatched (CR 4).

August 7 (CR 2, 5; hex; quest)
Party explores B4 (hex). While they are watering their horses, Kiley notices a strange wild man spying on them. Seeing he has been spotted the mad hermit attempt to convince the party he is a lone druid, but they are suspicious. Kanith because of his new powers to detect evil and Kiley because she sees a family resemblance between him and Bokken.

Once back at his lair, it quickly erupts into a combat. Still hesitating, unsure what to do, the mad hermit and his pet puma are able to do some small damage, but Kanith and the others quickly kill the cat and subdue him. Binding him, it is decided they will head home and deliver him to Bokken and justice.

August 8
During the night, on Kanith's watch, the hermit wriggles free of his bonds and manages to escape. The party attempts to track him down, but fail. The give up and instead decide to start the trek back home, with a detour to a lizard man village Narthropple told them about.

Session 19 07/28/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session 4140
New Total

The cast of characters

Hexes: CR 1/4 x0
Quests CR 5 x2
Awards CR: 2x6, 6, 7

They arrive in the vicinity of the lizardman village mid afternoon. They see it is well fortified and hard to reach, set as is it is in the middle of the river, so they decide to bypass it until another day. The screams of a child reach their ears from across the water however, and unable to ignore the piteous cries, they surge forward into the river.

The lizard guards immediately spot them and sound the alarm. They reach the marshy edge of the hummock and begin to scale the palisade. Kanith slips and falls, Chaucer makes little progress, while Kiley is up and over and halfway down the other side. This puts her in a difficult situation however, as the guards and their pets set on her. Tigg can be seen in a puddle nearby, bound hand-and-foot, covered in leeches.

Chaucer begins to hum a tune that imbues his and Kanith's climbing ability. Kiley is in moderately dire straits with the lizardmen and their lizards playing tug-of-war with her. Kanith finally climbs up and over, accepting the fall to the ground, where prone he becomes the focus of the remaining guards and pet. Chaucer balances on the top of the wall and draws his bow, but has little luck hitting any targets.

His exposed position draws javelin attacks from more guards, and Kanith charges them to provide the bard cover. He manages to cut two of the guards down with sudden violence, and a sudden roar and shaking ground heralds the arrival of the Lizard King, Veskett, and his two pet blood caiman. The remaining lizardmen withdraw as the king strides forward to deal with the intruders. (CR 2x4)

Veskett looses a terrifying roar that leaves Kanith shaken. His pets surge forward, one grasping Kiley, all too familiarly, in its jaws. She manages to break free and ignites her sword. Kanith also ignites his sword, disappointed that his detect evil ability detects nothing from the king.

Veskett moves up and skews Kanith with a vital critical strike, leaving the knight reeling and bloodied in one blow! Kanith goes on the defensive, sure he cannot survive another such blow from the magic, keen trident of the giant-sized lizard king. Kiley is again trapped in the jaws of one of the king's large pets, but before it can deathroll her, Kanith smashes it dead. (CR 2)

Kanith calls for Chaucer to grab Tigg and escape, afraid that he and Kiley are done for when the king calls out to his ancestors to watch the battle and a wisp, disguised as a lizardman skull/ghost appears. Kiley begins using her new found powers and wands to heal Kanith however, bringing him back to fighting form. Both he and the king flail at one another, ineffectually for a few rounds. Kanith manages to kill the other blood caiman. (CR 2)

The king is forced to step back and quaff a potion but falls soon after to Kanith's onslaught (CR 6). The wisp surges forward to feast on the dying king and attack these upstarts that have upset his little game. Kanith's heart sinks when he realizes that this wiap is even more powerful than the ones they fought at Candlemere Isle.

Somehow, he manages to lay a hit on the wisp as it appears and zaps Chaucer as he tries to heal Kanith. Kiley takes the opportunity to roll past it, flanking it…a critical! She nearly does for the wisp, and the game exposed anyways, it abandons the fight and the tribe to their fate (CR 7).

The lizards and the party are only able to communicate haltingly, not sharing a common language. They seem apologetic for the treatment of the boy. While they would have no qualms killing and eating the boy, the torture their king inflicted on him in the name of their "ancestor spirit" has made many feel guilty and question the role of the spirit in the tribe. The party is allowed to take the spoils of war but cannot find common ground with the lizards otherwise. Deciding not to attack them for now, they withdraw to get Tigg to safety.

August 9
Travel towards Camberlyn to get Tigg home. Tigg bonds with Chaucer, his ordeals haunting him.

August 10 (Quest; +2 Loyalty)
Arrive Camberlyn, sell furs and other low value items. Return Tigg to his familiy (+2 Loyalty). Tigg seems to have recovered for the most part.

August 11
Travel to Qilin.

August 12
Travel to Qilin.

August 13 (Quest)
Arrive Qilin midday. Party arranges to sell the more expensive items. Kanith bestows the mithril statuette on Lily to her delight (Quest). She hands over the cloak of protection and attempts to give Kanith a real kiss, but he takes it on the cheek.

They are informed that a new threat to the peace of their tiny kingdom has arisen. Rumors abound that a cult of Gyronna, the Hag goddess, is operating in Qilin. Kanith knows that such cults typically consist of adulteress wives, embittered prostitutes, and spurned lovers; and that such cults can quickly cause small, isolated villages to turn on themselves in a frenzied orgy of self-destruction. Something must be done.

August 14 (downtime)
Kiley investigates and discovers about a dozen woman locally that fit the description. She decides she will question them.

August 15
The first woman she questions appears to have no connections to the cult, but the second is obviously hiding something. Word of the interrogations has leaked however, and there is public unrest (Unrest +1) at these blatant and brutal interrogations. The woman is released, but discreetly watched.

August 16
No activity.

August 17
The woman, a seamstress, is seen leaving town. Kiley follows her to a nearby barn, where several other women arrive and are led inside. All are shrouded, so she cannot get a good look as to who they are however. After the last of them arrive, the barn doors are shut. Kiley sneaks forward to eavesdrop but the barn is dark and empty! Deciding she might want to get help, she heads to town to gather Kanith and the guard.

Session 20 00/00/14

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
New Total

The cast of characters

Hexes: CR 1/4
Quests CR 5
Awards CR:

August 18

August 19

August 20

August 21

August 22

August 23

August 24-30 (Rule)

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