Grimlock Archer

Stat Block

Grimlock Archer (Medium Folk Walker 79 XP): Str: 12, Dex: 14, Con: 12, Int: 10, Wis: 9, Cha: 6; SZ M (1x1, Reach 1); Spd 6 ground; Init V; Atk V; Def V; Res VII; Health V; Comp II; Skills: Athletics-V Blend-VI Notice-V Search-IV; Qualities: Blindsight, Improved Sense (Scent), Always Ready, Chameleon I, DR 1, Feat (Ambush Basics), Feat (Bow Basics), Feat (Bow Mastery), Feat (Bullseye), Feat (Angry Hornet)

Attacks/Weapons: Longbow (barbed arrows) (1d6/19+ AP-2 bleed); Club (subdual) (1d8(sub)/20+);

Gear: Reinforced studded leather w/light fittings (DR3, DP 1, ACP 1, Spd 0; Edged 2); 50' rope

Treasure: 1C,1L, 1G

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