A chronology of the years from the beginning of Arcallis to the current era of play.

The Age of Creation

When the Titans arose, actualizing the potentiality of chaos, and formed the basis of the universe

The Lost Age

The creations and depradations of the titans cause the gods to plot a revolt against them. Man is their agent in this war.

The First Age of Man

The War of the Titans at an end, the exalted of the Gods are given dominion of the terrestrial realm, while the gods rule the celestrial realm. The Golden Age.

The Second Age of Man

After the exalted of the Gods are cast down, the Scarlet Empress arises and stabilizes reality, but it is a war-torn and unravelling world

The Third Age of Man

With the Bending of the World to save it from destruction at the end of the Second Age, the Third Age of Man begins.

Campaign Chronology

A chronology spanning all the campaigns of Arcallis:

The Once and Reborn King
The Seawolf
Finding Hope Anew
Dark Legacy
From the Shadow of Karavakos
The Harbinger of Night
Redemption Redeemed
The Standard Campaign
An Exploration of Arcallis

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