Horton Sr Jr

Horton Sr. is 61 years old, and has worked in the kitchens all his life. He is stooped and old, and tends to mutter. In his prime he was a master chef, and once the tavem was famous for its food. Horton's decline has mirrored that of the hotel. His memory has gone, as have most of his recipes. Horton Sr. knew who the tavern's real owner is, but he has forgotten.

Horton Jr. is 34 years old and the son of the cook. He is mute. He is thin, and nervous and shy around people. He grew up playing in this kitchen, and now he works here. He is an excellent cook but does not like to use his talents for fear of humiliating his father. So, he helps out with the preparation, washes the dishes, and keeps the pantry well stocked on a shoestring budget. Horton Jr. knows who the tavern's real owner is, but it's impossible for him to tell anyone, not being literate.

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