The deep fjords and majestic mountains of Ivania are home to a barbaric viking seafolk, whose pillaging and terror are known throughout the civilized world. In addition, the Ivanians are explorers and traders, their clinker built drakkar sailing to the far corners of the world.

Of the same racial stock as the Khelik, these two peoples share a common culture, though separated by leagues of sea. The language of each goes back to a common tongue when they were one people, though now they are unrelated enough to be considered separate languages.



The Ivanians are a hardy race of humans that have settled the icy fjords of northern Anuire.


The Ivanians are stubborn individualists who don’t swear fealty to anyone but their own kin; the family is the most important part of the Ivanian life.

Physical Description

The Ivanians are a tall, broad-shouldered people with blond or red hair and fair complexions. Men and women most commonly wear their hair in braids.


The Ivanians were subjugated by the Anuireans for a short time, but the Seven Kingdoms could not long hold onto the fierce peoples of the north. Combined with constant viking raids of the coast and overland sorties across the mountains, few relish the sight of an Ivanian drakkar.


As a whole, the Ivanians tend to be chaotic, but as with any group of humans, all the alignments are represented.


The ice-choked fjords of the northern coast of Anuire are where the Ivanians call home. During the spring, the men go a-viking, pillaging and looting along the coast, as well as trading where they are not strong enough to raid.


Most Ivanians follow the god Sarajin, a druidical power, and druids are revered throughout Ivanian society as teachers, leaders, and advisors. All Ivanians have a deep respect and love for Anuire’s wilds, and carefully avoid over-hunting or clearing virgin forests.


The Ivanians speak Ivanian, a coarse Germanic tongue. They have adopted the runic alphabet from the dwarves.





Special Qualities

  • [0] Attributes: Ivanians are humans, which D&D assumes to be the base creature from which to measure all others. As such, ability score modifiers are not appropriate. However, the archetypal Ivanian, compared to humans of other cultures would be: +1 CON, -1 CHA. Ivanians are hardy survivors but slightly xenophobic.
  • [0] Size: Humans are medium sized creatures.
  • Humans have a base 30’ speed, and x4 run.
  • [0] Senses: Humans do not have any special vision.
  • [0] Required Advantages:
  • Suggested Advantages:
  • [0] Required Disadvantages:
  • Suggested Disadvantages:

Cultural Qualities

  • Humans receive a bonus feat at 1st level.
  • Humans earn an extra skill point at each level.
  • Proficiency with all simple weapons.
  • Ivanian language.
  • The Ivanians are barbaric.

Bonus Languages

  • The Ivanians commonly encounter Eastern Lantlean, Anuirean, Elvish, Dwarven, Goblin, Giantish, and Draconic.

Favored Class

  • Humans excel in all classes, and may treat their highest class level as favored.



In Ivania, each clan or tribe worships a totem animal as well as Sarajin. This religion is very similar to the Old Faith, and the two are interrelated.

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