Durlame's Journal

Log 1: The tales of a warrior; I have traveled to the castle/keep of lord perudur, I was warmly accepted into the ranks of squire to lord perudur. There I was put into the charge of master of arms corwin. He explained some of the rules of knight hood, showed me to the dorm to stow my personnel effects. Later that first night he told me the dorm rules and made it clear he would not side with me in any more, and that I needed to learn the house rules as per placing weapons and what is allowed in the dorm. After a practice he wanted me to use the cut glaive and slide, afterwards he said I could train with it, but after all my training in the other weapons forms.

After my weekly duties are over I have been allowed to hunt with the hunters, going out to the near woods. I let game go, then as to kill them. I am not one to take a needless life, I prefer the hunt and the trapping, though I am looked at as a less then equal hunter taking up valuable space.

Log 2: last night the hunting party was attacked. I was selected to bring word back to the keep, I am injured, but I believe I can make it. Upon entering the keep the signs of battle are seen. I was permitted into the hall, and spoke of the raid on the hunting party. My words were profound but not as dire as the words of the keep raid and the abductions, bending my knee I swore revenge upon the orcs and the return of the ladies. Went to the healing rooms, then was ordered to rest. Lord perudur came to see me and gave me a gift of armor, saying I would need them. I can not believe this gentle man is a most feared, if you were to call him enemy..

Journal entry: my thoughts go out to lae-anna lee, I believe her father said she was traveling west to a friends home. We are also headed west trailing the orcs, I fear for her safety, speed will be of importance now.

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