Journal Of Roblair

I travel three hundred miles to see Mordenhiem and he makes me wait at the castles gate. He comes out and breaks bread. We rest that day. The next day we organize a hunt.

Blitz sent along his cousin for company. The first day of the hunt there is no game in sight. That night some of us hear a loud screech. The next day the master of the hunt comes back. He says I want show the party something. There are wagon tracks and there is lion tracks. Mordenhiem sends his cohort and his master of the hunt after the wagon and the party go/s after the lions blitz's cousin a tracker follows the lion tracks as we are coming up the stream there is a screech like the one we heard suddenly the goblins perk up his ears and the a lion like creature jumps at the goblin. I try to control my horse but it moves away a second later. A creature like the one that attacked the goblin Jumketz attacks the dwarf then I run up to the beast attacking the goblin and hit them with all my might then Mordenheim hits the one attacking the dwarf the next round. Finally i hit the lion and kill it then Mordenhiem taunts the lion our such beast and it leaps toward him the lion hits Mordenhiem and he weeps then with powerful magic he kills the beast.

Roblair skins the beasts and takes them home. For the next few days we rest the evening of the birthday arrives all the nobles arrive and lord ferries assistant arrives Mordenhiem and Roblair walk to give him the lion pelts. He takes them and walks away. After the party is over sir Mordenhiem. Walks to see his leagues we walk up with him. We walk into the room and he walks to the box. And opens it he sees a thing wrapped in a seal skin cloak he picks it up and Robair and tempus see robed figures come through the window.

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