Journey to Jaewith

The Story of the Once and Reborn King

Book One: From Ashes of Empire

Part I: The Horn of Ancient Valor

Adventure Two: The Forgotten City

Act III: Journey to Jaewith

Chapter One: Journey to Jaewith

June 13
Much feasting and celebration ensues. Many gifts are presented to the Red Claw for their aid. Lord Enak promises a contingent of troops to escort the caravan. The Red Claw offer to guide the party across their lands for a minor toll. The party agrees and plans are made to leave on the morrow.

One of the prisoners tells a story of a new orc chieftain, Azog Headpulper. The orc relates that many of the northern tribes have suffered greatly from the attacks and depredations of Horrors this last year. Then an orc hero came from nowhere, defeated the worst of the Horrors single-handedly, and claimed for himself the title of High Chief. This explains the odd actions of the orcs.

June 14-19
The party under the protection of the Red Claws travels into the Sea of Ash. The trip is long and ardous, but the terrain is spectacular. Language lessons continue, and Tristin and Ander continue their sword training. Everyone increases their horsemanship just watching the Red Claws work their animals. At the start of the 19th the Red Claws stop on a bluff overlooking a rocky wasteland and tell the party that this is the extent of their territories. They say that beyond lies the domain of the Headhunters, a savage and bloodthirsty tribe.

The party pushes on through the rest of the day. Elricson and Wulgar notice that the caravan has been being shadowed almost as soon as it entered the Headhunter territory. That night war drums sound. The pounding continues till dawn, giving everyone a restless night of sleep.

June 20
The drums continue to dog their steps. The caravan pushes on, hoping to find more defensible terrain. Late in the day the party comes on a shallow lake filled with the ruins of an ancient city. Grimgroth is pleased as this is a sign that they are very close to Jaewith. As the caravan skirts the lake, a party of raiders strikes them. The force consists of trolls and mounted orcs. Ander flies into a frenzy and assaults the raiders almost singlehandedly, giving them pause with his fierouscious and unexpected assault. The raiders withdraw blooded and beaten, but it has only been a small force to test their defenses, and the party knows it.

The caravan finds a small jumble of rocks on a low hill on which to make their camp. They set up defensive perimeters as best they are able and prepare for the darkness. The attack comes late that night. A surge of trolls, mounted orcs, and sorcerous blasts from the Headhunter's witchdoctors wash over the defenses of the caravan. The defenses hold. Three times through the night the attacks come, and always the wardrums pounding, pounding, pounding.

June 21
It is a haggard and weary group the next morning that breaks through a picket line of orcs and pushes for Jaewith. The orcs give chase, using hit and run guerilla tactics to harrass the caravan. Several wagons are lost and many casulaties are taken as the day progresses. About midday, the caravan crosses an area heavily marked with skulls and totems. The orcs end their pursuit. Ahead the party sees a high plateau. They head for it to set up a more defensive encampment.

The caravan digs in to await the evening's assault. It never comes. The war drums keep up the pounding, but the Headhunters hang back. Are they massing for a larger assault? Are they going to wear the caravan down with sleepless night after sleepness night of pounding war drums? Or is it something even more sinister, something about this plateau that even the Headhunters fear?

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