June 2 R2 Pt2

June 2 R2 PT2

Feeling better prepared after a nights rest, we descended into the chamber left unexplored yesterday, the lair of workers. Almost immediatly we are attacked by giant beetles and more swarms of smaller beetles. I saved the day, again, as I managed to stay conscious through both assaults. But my friend Theena was killed by the damn beetles. I wanted to leave immediatly for my druid friends to see if they might be able to bring her back, but Talent "needed" to recover some treasure from the bodies of previous explorers. We retreated without exploring the submerged section of this part of the cairn, headed for the Bronzewood lodge. I'll never forgive myself if Theena dies!

I spend the evening chanting and dancing in attempt to bring her back. All they asked of me for payment was a Staff of Winter, which was gladly given.

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