Kanith's Journal
Table of Contents

An accounting of events in the exploration of the Greenbelt as they transpired as seen by Kanith:


I have received a mission that pays quiet handsomely for the death of some troll by the name of Nix that has been causing quite some trouble for nearby farmers and decided to set out in search of this foul beast.

on my 3rd day of traveling I stumble a crossed what seems to be remains of some battle between goblins and some Ivanians which left quite a few bodies…Searching the bodies for survivors I come across an enchanting women who is buried beneath what looked like her body guards, I try to revive her and before I know it the beast I had been tracking found me instead…I laid in with a flurry of blows that I think would have finished off the beast, but to my surprise it still stood firm…The Ivanian goddess at my back used some magic or witchcraft on the creature which helped my efforts but again to no avail as my blade just would not leave a permanent wound. Thinking back on my training I remember that trolls are weak against fire so I slit my backpack open spilling the oil for my lantern and coating my blade in it while shouting to the beautiful woman to start a fire….At the moment I think she is either A dullard or "SIMPLE"…I still cannot tell… Yet she was able to follow my simple command, and the blade of fire was able to do the job.

Finally after slaying the beast together…I realize maybe this was not the smartest move I have ever done….Trolls are quiet nasty and I am actually surprised we lived through this encounter.

as requested I take the beast’s head as proof and put it into my bag before turning my attention to this absolutely breath taking woman who is wearing almost nothing…I try to communicate, and fail (much to my chagrin). I am not even sure she understands what I am saying but I tell her she is more than welcome to accompany me to my next destination and perhaps she will find help or whatever she is looking for there.

I present the head of Nix to the nearby farmers and they are quite pleased that I took the beast down…They inform me to travel to a nearby trading post named Oleg's for my reward which is just a few days journey away, so we set out!
As we traveled to Oleg’s we stumbled onto this tiny village, of sorts and were quickly greeted and welcomed with open arms. Very soon I found out why… Apparently this village was quite distraught of a werewolf coming and possessing their young virgins …They were happy for a man to arrive to take a young maidens flower who had just become a woman so one of her family members did not have to. Strange tidings indeed…Feeling pressured and wanting to protect the girl and her village I hesitantly agreed and was lead to a hut to perform the “duty” when right before the act I heard the very welcoming sounds of screams and panic. I grabbed my long sword and shield and set out to see what had transpired and sure enough a werewolf was attacking the village…Quickly I engaged said beast and again my blows went unanswered this time I could not even wound the beast! Luckily my new found companion was keeping me alive by trapping the monster with her vine like spells…I saw my opening and plunged my sword through the leg of this creature trapping it and told my companion to unleash even though I would be caught in the blast as well. I was willing to sacrifice my life if it had to be done to keep these villagers safe….The might blast tore the werewolf to shreds along with the building behind us but luckily I was spared from harm…My companion still amazes and awe’s me with her power, grace and beauty.

The beast, once slain, reverted back to her previous form, that of a woman from this village…Even then we were told that the beast would rise again if we did not find out how to truly quell the spirit inside her.
We left the small town searching for answers and we indeed found them at Oleg’s. I learned two things that day first was I need a silver blade…second putting wild flowers into the mouth will kill the spirit once nightfall came…



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