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Kesa is a beautiful, teenage elf with long, black hair and forest green eyes. Her skin is lightly bronzed from years of sun kissed days. Her petite 5'5" frame gives one the illusion that she is small and weak, but what she may lack for in strength, she makes up for in quickness and wisdom. Her clothes are plain, earthen colors, brown or green leggings, occasionally worn under a long, green skirt, and a loose fitting green tunic with a white shirt underneath. She often can be seen wearing a leather pouch, (given to her by her brother as a gift from far away), resting at her hips. The pouch is ornately decorated with dyed porcupine quills and beads and fringes on the flap.

Her bow, made by Delvin especially for her, is made of white elk antlers. It is simple yet uniquely carved with a wolf and a panther on either ends of the bow. The bow isn't just ornamental; it is as deadly as any other bow when used appropriately. Kesa, however, is most deadly when in her animal forms. She loves stalking through the forest and a cougar, hunting as a wolf, or running as an elk.


She hopes to one day be able to protect all nature from those who would do harm to it. However secretly, she wants to go on adventures and visit the places that her brother has seen, and maybe, to discover something new and exciting that her brother hasn't experienced. Then she can share a new story with him, and bring him something exotic. Nevertheless she fears that it won't happen as she is also scared to leave her beloved forest, and her family and friends. For Kesa, adventuring may always only be, a dream.


Kesa grew up with a caring mother, father, and older brother. As young children, she and her brother, Delvin, would often play together in the forests they called home. She learned to hunt and fish, plant trees and forage for food. Her brother, being an expert bowman, enjoyed teaching her a few of his tricks. Their parents encouraged them both to listen and learn from each other, and from the world around them. Delvin, eager to experience new places and ideas, left when Kesa was just beginning her druidic studies, though he would return once a year to visit and share his adventures, and bring his baby sister an exotic present he procured on his travels.

She always cared for nature, the plants and animals around her. She always seemed to make friends with the animals who would trust her so that they would show her their dens and she would play with their young. Because of her affinity for nature, an old druid named Arik sought Kesa out to train her in the ancient Druidic practices. She enjoyed learning how to harness nature’s power and she especially loved transforming into animals. Though she could change into many different forms, she preferred animals that were quick and graceful, yet powerful and deadly when hunting or provoked; the wolf, the cougar, and the elk. She worked very hard, quickly becoming proficient with whatever was given to her. She wanted to please her parents and make them as proud of her as they were of Delvin.

One unique friend that she had made was a gnome named Theena. She found Theena exploring the forests, looking for her druidic guild. With her influence in the guild, she was able to get Theena into it to study her own powers in peace. They became fairly good friends, learning a bit about each other’s cultures. They would go walking together in the woods and share dreams and aspirations. Only Theena knew Kesa’s most secret desires.

Over the years Kesa would occasionally enter the nearby town of Diamond Lake, just to see and experience the city life, and to remind herself why she lived the way she did. She thought that life moved too fast, and that it was too noisy and dirty. Where were all the trees and flowers? Where were the fresh air and the crystal clear lakes and refreshing rivers? Where were the peaceful sounds of birds chirping and animals talking? "How did anyone live that way?" she would often wonder. Then, one day a few years ago, a little after her training began, while returning from a trip into town, she ran into a young boy. He was dirty and his clothes were ripped and old, yet something about him made her stop and offer to help him. He told her his name was Talent and that he was hiding from some bad people who were out to get him. He explained that was an orphan and lived on the streets. She felt compassion for him and offered him a home with her family but he declined, stating that he would miss the sounds, smells and excitement of city life.

He did come back often over the next few years, whenever he needed a place to hide, or to just get away for a while. She taught him a little of forest life and survival, and he would tell her stories of his exploits in the city. They became close friends and if someone were to look into the forest on a day when Talent was visiting, they might be surprised to see him accompanied by a wolf or a panther. People who saw him in the city would occasionally spot him being followed by a large black dog.


  • Dislikes those who don't repect nature.
  • When threatened turns into animal form.
  • Subtle and very secretive.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Reserved (only trusts those she knows).
  • Modest (despite being an elf).
  • Thrill seeker.
  • Protective of the things she cares for.
  • Relatively unconcerned for material possessions.
  • Determined to complete tasks set before her.
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