Kesa Journal

Kesa's Background Story

Kesa grew up with a caring mother, father, and older brother. As young children, she and her brother, Delvin, would often play together in the forests they called home. She learned to hunt and fish, plant trees and forage for food. Her brother, being an expert bowman, enjoyed teaching her a few of his tricks. Their parents encouraged them both to listen and learn from each other, and from the world around them. Delvin, eager to experience new places and ideas, left when Kesa was just beginning her druidic studies, though he would return once a year to visit and share his adventures, and bring his baby sister an exotic present he procured on his travels.

She always cared for nature, the plants and animals around her. She always seemed to make friends with the animals who would trust her so that they would show her their dens and she would play with their young. Because of her affinity for nature, an old druid named Arik sought Kesa out to train her in the ancient Druidic practices. She enjoyed learning how to harness nature’s power and she especially loved transforming into animals. Though she could change into many different forms, she preferred animals that were quick and graceful, yet powerful and deadly when hunting or provoked; the wolf, the panther, and the elk. She worked very hard, quickly becoming proficient with whatever was given to her. She wanted to please her parents and make them as proud of her as they were of Delvin.

One unique friend that she had made was a gnome named Theena. She found Theena exploring the forests, looking for her druidic guild. With her influence in the guild, she was able to get Theena into it to study her own powers in peace. They became fairly good friends, learning a bit about each other’s cultures. They would go walking together in the woods and share dreams and aspirations. Only Theena knew Kesa’s most secret desires.

Over the years Kesa would occasionally enter the nearby town of Diamond Lake, just to see and experience the city life, and to remind herself why she lived the way she did. She thought that life moved too fast, and that it was too noisy and dirty. Where were all the trees and flowers? Where were the fresh air and the crystal clear lakes and refreshing rivers? Where were the peaceful sounds of birds chirping and animals talking? "How did anyone live that way?" she would often wonder. Then, one day a few years ago, a little after her training began, while returning from a trip into town, she ran into a young boy. He was dirty and his clothes were ripped and old, yet something about him made her stop and offer to help him. He told her his name was Talent and that he was hiding from some bad people who were out to get him. He explained that was an orphan and lived on the streets. She felt compassion for him and offered him a home with her family but he declined, stating that he would miss the sounds, smells and excitement of city life.

He did come back often over the next few years, whenever he needed a place to hide, or to just get away for a while. She taught him a little of forest life and survival, and he would tell her stories of his exploits in the city. They became close friends and if someone were to look into the forest on a day when Talent was visiting, they might be surprised to see him accompanied by a wolf or a panther. People who saw him in the city would occasionally spot him being followed by a large black dog.

May 30 - Enter the Cairn

Today I met up with Talent and Theena at the entrance to the Whispering Cairn. Talent needed money, again, and I decided to help him out, and drag poor Theena along for the ride. First we ran into these wolves, which we quickly dispatched. Thery weren't too difficult and I found a nice backpack and oddly enough, a marble finger. In the backpack was a pretty indigo lantern and a beautifully carved bracelet.

We found the entrance, which was magically hidden, and began to explore the tomb complex. A friend of Talents, Hasan, met up with us and we all went for to explore. We saw a most interesting room with a mural on it with 7 lanterns of the rainbow that looked so lifelike I tried to reach out and touch them. It was just a painting though.

We then came to a large room with a casket in the middle shaped like an arrow. A statue with my missing finger was standing with it. Around the room were 7 alcoves with 7 lanters, the red and indigo lanterns missing and the green only burning.

We turned the casket to the yellow lantern and a lift came up and took us down. Talent was nearly killed by some strange eye strand, though I managed to get it off of him. I destroyed some weird mold and we fought off an earth elemental. It was pretty intense. We then headed to town to rest and pay off Kullen.

May 30 - Afterwards

On our way to the town we met Mestal Fixx, Smensk's right-hand man, who offered us a ride into town as well as the possibility of earning a few coins helping him deliver goods to Dourstone's mine. I sat (as a wolf) in the back of his cart, which smelled terrible as he was bringing bad food to the mines. He wanted Talent to enter me in the dog fighting contest, yeah right!!!

We went to Tidwoad's to see about the wands and poor Theena was propositioned by Tidwoad. I talked to her, trying to explain what he wanted, while Talent was off paying his debt. Though I feared she didn't understand, she stood her ground and spurned his advances once they became apparant to her.

I also fear that I may have ruined my relationship with Talent. Human hearts are so delicate and fragile, and though I've been living among them for some time, I still don't fully grasp it all. Talent told me of his affects, or at least implied them, and I brushed him off. I didn't mean to, and I tried to explain, but he was hurt and indifferent to me. Yet I now see him in a new light, not as the boy I met years ago, but as a man, a very young man, but a man none the less, whom I do care about, and now must examine my own heart further…

June 1 - R2 PT1

June 1 - R2 PT1
We returned the next day to the cairn to investigate the next set of chambers. This time there was a malfunction of the magical lift, and poor Theena plunged 60ft and landed amidst a swarm of acid beetles. Talent and I had to fight with swarming beetles as well as a horrific creature that looked like a gigantic eyeball with spider legs tipped with sword blades. The brief but nearly deadly onslot caused us to pause in our adventure and return to town without exploring any further. Talent purchased some healing potions for us. We then spent the night at the ruins of the mine office near the Whispering Cairn.

June 2 R2 PT2

Feeling better prepared after a nights rest, we descended into the chamber left unexplored yesterday, the lair of workers. Almost immediatly we are attacked by giant beetles and more swarms of smaller beetles. I saved the day, again, as I managed to stay conscious through both assaults. But my friend Theena was killed by the damn beetles. I wanted to leave immediatly for my druid friends to see if they might be able to bring her back, but Talent "needed" to recover some treasure from the bodies of previous explorers. We retreated without exploring the submerged section of this part of the cairn, headed for the Bronzewood lodge. I'll never forgive myself if Theena dies!

I spend the evening chanting and dancing in attempt to bring her back. All they asked of me for payment was a Staff of Winter, which was gladly given.

June 3 R3

We headed back to town and arrive at Diamond Lake around noon. Talent leads us to the house of the wizard Allustan, argueably Diamond Lake's smartest man, to see about transfering an enchantment from the short sword to his kukri. Allustan was willing and expressed interest in our discoveries at the cairn. He told us a little history about the Wind Dukes and their graves that mark the Cairn Hills. He noted that it has been a generation since anyone has explored the Whispering Cairn, telling us about a wizard of the shady Seekers who led an expedition into the cairn some 50 or so years ago. I find his collection of books interesting, but don't really get an opportunity to talk to him about it before we have to leave.

After Allustan's, Talent left to find what the word on the street was, worried that too many people knew our business. Theena and I headed out of town to await him, as the foul smells and sounds of the town were wearing us down. While waiting along the edge of the woods, I caught Smesnk's bully boys taking a dead(?) body to the observatory. I tried to follow to see more of what was going on, but was afraid that I would be seen, and shot at, as I was in wolf form.

After meeting up, we headed back into the cairn to explore the last bit of the worker's level. In the water filled wash area we encountered a small water elemental, who almost got the better of me, but I managed to survive, with Theena and Talent's help. While we were still recovering from the fight, a ghoul attacked us. Apparently his name was Ulavant, who was the mage that led the Seeker expedition. Talent and I were almost killed by the ravenous beast, but Theena came through and kicked it's ass. We found the missing red lantern and replaced it.

Undaunted by the near death experience, we continue up to the chamber of lanterns. After turning the pedestal a full rotation we discovered no more underground chambers to explore. They did find a false elevator trap which Theena and I avoided, as well as a hidden passage at the top of one of the lantern shafts. After a bit of adventure climbing to the top of the shaft we discovered a long corridor blocked at the far end by a giant howling face carved into the stone. Can I just tell you right now how much I hate climbing anything but trees!!!

Despite Talents warnings of caution, Theena ventured forward, drawn by her own curiousity. The face animated and blew a gradually increasing wind down the corridor while the eyes glowed with flashing colors, paralysing us in its gaze. Talent managed to disable the trap after Theena is almost blown over the edge. I attempted to retreat down the chain, but apparently I slipped and died from the fall. I don't really remember this. I only remember waking up, back in the Bronzewood Lodge hearing the words "I think she is coming around," said by Nogwier as he leans over my body.

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