Kristanna is the half-sister of Viggo. The pair left Ivania when their father seemingly died. Viggo brought the pair to the far lands of Lantara and Tor, the Crossroads City. He worked as an entertainer, doing acrobatics and feats of strength while she told fortunes.

Soon after their arrival in Tor, Viggo hired on with Halarmo the Red who was bringing his daughter to wed the Prince of Mashanda in the city of Ein Arris. They met a drow by the name of Ruin and he and Viggo became fast friends, acting as troubleshooters for the caravan and Halarmo personally.

Kristanna was left alone much of this time and befriended an ajami boy her age named Simeon. The boy seemed attracted to her as well and the pair began a courtship.

After the wedding in Ein Arris the party decided to travel northward by sea. It was on this journey that they were almost wrecked off the Isenshoul Penninsula. Viggo and Simeon gathered men to rout the wreckers and soon after their victory and return to the city of Seawall, Kristanna was kidnapped by Artron, a surviving wrecker who had been let go by Viggo.

Artron, with the help of Samos the Smuggler, planned to take her to the city of Porta and there sell her into a brutal and hard slavery as vengeace for his band's defeat. After arriving in Porta he drew the attention of the Black Ring who desired the girl and her Innocence to fuel vile magicks at The Tower of the Dead, the abode of Nilgeranthrib, the Great Lich.

Securing her purchase and shipping her into hands of one of their agents in the nation Zarun took time and gave Viggo and the rest of the party a chance to discover her whereabouts, defeat the agents of the Black Ring in Porta, and disrupt the plans of Nilgeranthrib.

Following her to Zarun, they rescued her before she could be sent to the Tower. Soon after, she and Simeon were married.


Kristanna is a dream-oracle, witch, and through all her ordeals has maintained her Innocence.

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