Lorje is a tall, thin man with a narrow fringe of jet black hair around his bald pate. His limbs and fingers are long and bony. His eyes are dark and piercing, but his mouth smiles easily. Two of his front teeth are gold.

Lorje came from a mildly prosperous family. His family sent him to clerk for one of the Isle’s more successful trading cartels. By this time he was nearly of age, his aging father decided to take a gamble on his son’s education and obvious shrewdness. They were able to buy a half-interest in a ship. Lorje worked long and hard, and by the time he his family were the full owners of the trading vessel, Seawing. Unfortunately, on its first voyage under Lorje’s sole ownership, Seawing was lost with all hands in a storm. Lorje and his family were ruined. The loss killed his father.

Lorje spent some hungry years as he tried to raise some capital. Then the Sisters approached him, offering enough money to expand his fleet to three fully-crewed vessels. It seemed like a golden opportunity, but due to continuing interference from his mysterious partners, Lorje is still only breaking even, even though his ships rarely spend more than a week in port at the Isle.

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