"I do not think that means what you think it means"


Lucas' family moved to the black coast from Northern Acquataine when he was just 6. His father who had been a respected gem cutter was ostracized when it was discovered his trading partners were goblins. Lucas' family ended their journey in Vilmyr, his father re-establishing contact with his former trading partners was finally betrayed and murdered when Lucas was 13. At this age Lucas shifted his attentions from trade and scholarly to martial trainings.

The brooding rugged youth found his soulmate Lyanna and settled in the small town of Bloodbay when he was 17, gaining employ with the townships guards. Lyanna made him forget the hardships of his youth and brought him out of his shell. The birth of his daughter Raene three years later was another beacon of joy for him.

He advanced well within the towns guard becoming captain of the harbor guards.

Tragedy struck when he was 24, with the Klymian navy raiding Bloodbay one night, burning the town and capturing slaves , in what became known as the Massacre at Bloodbay.

He lost his 2 loves that night and himself was captured and pressed into a hard life as an oarsman.

For 4 years he plied the oars, a twist of fate to serve the very people who devastated his world. Now freedom has given him the chance to redeem himself as a protector, having failed his wife and daughter before.

He strives to make his lost kin proud by his actions in the hope that someday he will be reunited with them ( in the hereafter? )

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