Marik is the son of an ex-adventurer turned miller. His father served as a Theren galley slave for three years, along with his bosum companion, Master Grimgroth. After escaping, he took a Theren wife and retired to the comforts of rural living. He has high hopes for his son, though he is disappointed that the lad lacks the strength and coordination for the life of a warrior. Master Grimgroth claims the lad has great potential as a wizard though, so he is satisfied with that.

Marik received an opportunity to study at the prestigious Arcane Conclave on the Melderyn Isles, the greatest school of magick in the Seven Kingdoms and one of the best in the world. He managed to scrape-by and graduated after only three years. At a luncheon held for newly graduating wizards to meet with prospective clients he met and befriended Master Shiatan, Headmaster of The Kandayan War College of Elemental Fire. Shiatan offered him an assistant teaching position at the college, where he could continue his education and see a bit of the world.

After spending some time at the college he returned home, accompanied by Shiatan's ward, Aniki. It is there that the story of The Once and Reborn King begins with the arrival of Ander and his wolf, Britta.

During his adventures Marik comes to find that he is to be the Chronicler of the start of the new Age.

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