Master Grimgroth

"Umm, what was I saying?"


Grimgroth was the comic relief to Marik's father's heroism in their younger days. They adventured together for many years before finally ending up as slaves aboard a Theren ship. Afterwards, Marik's dad retired to a little village near the coast, married the Theren slave he had rescued, and bought out the local mill. Meanwhile, Grimgroth purchased a ruined tower nearby and set himself up as the local wizard.

As Marik grew up he showed an aptitude for magic. Grimgroth took the boy on as an apprentice and trained him as best he could with his absent-mindedness and poor health. When Marik reached a respectable skill in magic he expressed an interest in polishing his education abroad. Grimgroth was able to call-in a few favors and Marik's father was able to spend the last of his adventuring stash on a few well-placed "gifts" which earned Marik a place at The Arcane Convocation, The Seven Kingdoms priemier magic university.

While visiting his old alma mater in Furyundy, The College of the Upper Airs, he met up with young Ander and his wolf, Britta. Hearing the lad's sad tale he offered to take him back to his tower and do what he could to remove the curse on Britta and the boy. Soon after returning to the village, Ander struck up a friendship with Marik who had returned home for a visit. They went exploring one day and returned telling a tale of a Ghost Tower. They asked Master Grimgroth for his help to enter the magically sealed ruins. It is there that Grimgroth discovered a map of ancient Arcallis, showing the location of Fort Jaewith, and The Prophecy of the Phoenix.

Once again feeling the excitement of adventure, Grimgroth decided to return to The Kandayan War College of Elemental Fire with Marik and speak to his old friend, the headmaster of the college, Master Shiatan about funding an expedition to excavate Jaewith.

It was Grimgroth's final adventure, as told in The Once and Reborn King, as he perished in the final battle against the Destroyer of Jaewith. Before he passed on he gave Marik his old tower and everything in it with the hope that the lad would help in the completion of the Prophecy.

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