May 30 Afterwards

May 30 - Afterwards

On our way to the town we met Mestal Fixx, Smensk's right-hand man, who offered us a ride into town as well as the possibility of earning a few coins helping him deliver goods to Dourstone's mine. I sat (as a wolf) in the back of his cart, which smelled terrible as he was bringing bad food to the mines. He wanted Talent to enter me in the dog fighting contest, yeah right!!!

We went to Tidwoad's to see about the wands and poor Theena was propositioned by Tidwoad. I talked to her, trying to explain what he wanted, while Talent was off paying his debt. Though I feared she didn't understand, she stood her ground and spurned his advances once they became apparant to her.

I also fear that I may have ruined my relationship with Talent. Human hearts are so delicate and fragile, and though I've been living among them for some time, I still don't fully grasp it all. Talent told me of his affects, or at least implied them, and I brushed him off. I didn't mean to, and I tried to explain, but he was hurt and indifferent to me. Yet I now see him in a new light, not as the boy I met years ago, but as a man, a very young man, but a man none the less, whom I do care about, and now must examine my own heart further…

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